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Bus control station project

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Index: 53.141.210
Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
Sections: all sections
Data volume: 624 MB
File Format: * .pdf
Expert opinion: a positive
Design documentation without estimates and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of a bus dispatching station
Technical and economic indicators:
Plot area, m2: 6991,0
Building area, m2: 386,0
Construction volume, m3: 1814,4
Floors: 1
Asphalt area of ​​the roadway, m2: 4824,2
Sidewalk asphalting area, m2: 540,2
Landscaping area, m2: 1192,5
Blind area, m2: 48,4

Brief description of the control station

The control station building is designed to accommodate dispatchers, create the necessary conditions for drivers and conductors of the station, and accommodate technical premises. The building is rectangular in plan with dimensions of 23,38 x 15,88 m. The building is one-story without an attic, without a basement. To create comfortable conditions for the station workers, the project provides for sanitary facilities, bathrooms, for eating, rest rooms for drivers and conductors. In the building, waybills are marked for drivers, a medical examination of drivers is carried out, regulation of the movement of buses on routes and registration of the necessary documentation is ensured. When determining the composition of the premises and areas of sanitary and amenity premises, the regular number of employees and the congestion of routes were taken into account. The building is located: technical rooms: water metering unit pom. 33, heating point room. 31, electrical panel room. 32; storage rooms 19, 28, 29, 30. control rooms for 3 posts pom. 3,5; elegant pom. 4, 6; medical examination room 12; rest rooms for conductors 13, 14; rest rooms for drivers 15, 16; rest rooms for dispatchers 17, 18; buffet room 20 with utility rooms. Control rooms for 3 and 2 posts pom. 3, 5 are designed to organize and control the movement of buses on the line. Equipped with tables, chairs for dispatchers, wardrobes for clothes and documents, telephones, computers for recording bus schedules. Smart pom. 4, 6 are intended for issuing waybills by drivers and submitting them for registration to dispatchers. Equipped with tables and chairs. Room for pre-trip control pom. 12 is designed to conduct a medical examination of bus drivers before leaving the line. Equipping the first-aid post with technological equipment and medical furniture was adopted taking into account the recommendations of the catalog. The equipment of the first-aid post includes: a medical instrumental table; medical couch; screen; closet; bactericidal irradiator; table; armchair. The room is equipped with a sink. Rest rooms for conductors, drivers and dispatchers pom. 13,14,15, 16,17,18 are designed for short-term rest of employees, equipped with armchairs, tables, TVs, wardrobes. Buffet. The buffet includes the following premises: a dining room for 28 people. pom. 20; distribution room 21; preparatory room 22; washing pom. 23; staff wardrobe 24 with shower room 25 and a bathroom room. 26; loading vestibule pom. 27; pantry of dry products 28; storage room for returnable packaging 29; waste storage room 30. Buffet dining room for 28 people. pom. 20 is designed to organize hot meals for station employees, drivers and conductors arriving at the station. The buffet is open from 8 am to 20 pm. The buffet works on semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness.

Brief description of the headland

The turnaround area in plan occupies an area of ​​0,7 hectares and is designed for a one-time sludge of rolling stock in the amount of up to 60 units. Throughput - 170 - 185 vehicles per day. The movement of buses on the turnaround area is carried out counterclockwise. Buses on the territory of the station are located in such a way that when maneuvering, reversing is not used. Upon arrival at the station, the driver and the conductor are sent to the building of the control station for registration with dispatchers, short rest, meals and visits to sanitary facilities. At the direction of the dispatcher, the crews go to the line.