Helipad project for Mi-8 helicopters


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helipad project

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 351 MB
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helipad project
Design documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a helipad

Technical and economic indicators of the designed object
plot area, ha: 1,5461
building area, sq. m: 3600
number of buildings and structures, pcs: -
total area of ​​the object, sq. m: 3600
usable floor space, sq. m:-
Duration of construction, months: 6,5

Information about the functional purpose of the object.

The heliport is designed to provide take-off and landing, no more than 20 times a year, certified for flights over the city of medical helicopters of the Mi-8 MTV 1 type in order to ensure emergency medical evacuation of patients to hospitals in emergency situations (ES), including road traffic traffic accidents (RTA). Permanent basing of the helicopter on the airspace is not provided. The helicopter pilot must ensure the takeoff and landing of the helicopter and its presence on the airspace in the temporary duty mode (waiting for departure, loading and unloading). The heliport is located on the territory of the land plot, taking into account the requirements for safety, ergonomics, ecology and urban planning. Takeoff and landing on the airspace is provided by helicopter (without the use of an air cushion) strictly vertically. Maintenance of helicopters on the airspace is carried out in the amount of temporary parking and preparation of the helicopter for departure, according to qualification-0. Helicopter refueling at the airspace and on the territory of medical facilities is not carried out. Refueling of helicopters with fuel is carried out at the main heliport (airfield) or at stationary equipped airstrips, using an airfield vehicle tanker.