Truck wash project for 2 posts

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Car wash project for 2 posts

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for the construction of a car wash for 2 posts.
Technical and economic indicators of the object:
building area - 529,80 m2
total area - 486,10 m²
building volume - 2816,0 m3
responsibility level - 3 - reduced
degree of fire resistance of the building - III;
constructive fire hazard class of the building - C0;
functional fire hazard category - F 5.1

Space-planning solutions
The car wash is designed for daily washing and drying of vehicles and mechanisms for various purposes. Car wash for 2 posts is a ground-based one-story industrial-type building with a car washing and drying room for 2 posts. The building is planned to be one-storey, without an attic and without a basement, heated (with an interior temperature of +5°C to +18°C). The constructive solution is made in a metal frame, the outer walls and the covering are made of sandwich panels, the inner partitions are made of brick, plastered. Foundations - monolithic reinforced concrete dimensions of the building in axial dimensions - 24,0 by 13,2 meters. The mark of the ridge is +7.710, the roof is flat. The washing room is equipped with a sloping floor, two trays for draining technical water with sand traps located in the pits. Planning decisions are made in such a way as to ensure favorable functional zoning and compliance with the requirements of the current SNiP. There are such premises: cleaning and washing, a waiting room for drivers, eating, drying clothes, storing detergents, an electrical panel room, a pantry for cleaning equipment, a sanitary unit, a shower room, a dressing room, technological cleaning of inventory, AIT. Part of the technical premises is provided with direct access to the outside. The location of the car wash on the site is determined by the configuration of the site and the presence of security zones of engineering communications. The dimensions of the car wash complex are determined by the design task. The adopted space-planning solution corresponds to the functional purpose of the structure. For finishing the plinth, gray porcelain stoneware is used, for coating - a metal profile with a polymer coating of blue factory paint. Metal-plastic windows are designed in white color.

Constructive decisions
For the relative mark of 0,000, the mark of the clean floor is taken. The structural scheme of the building is an arched structure made of sheet steel using steel posts and beams. The proposed building is located on a flat terrain. Dimensions of the building in axes: 24x13,2m. The level of the finished floor of the floor is "0,000", the level of the ground is "-0,150". The car wash building is a one-story building with a flat roof and rectangular in plan, which houses a car wash and utility rooms. The building has two through passages - the car enters through the gate 4,0x4,14 m and leaves from the opposite side. The car wash area of ​​317 m2 is equipped with the necessary equipment and has natural light. Metal-plastic windows are made to order. Partitions of the premises are made of solid ceramic bricks.

Technological solutions and processes
The technological process of daily car maintenance is organized on two guard lines. In accordance with the design assignment, the washing department is equipped with modern technological equipment of domestic and foreign production, which has certificates of conformity with the State Standard of the Russian Federation. The project provides for high-quality industrial lifting sectional doors of the model for outdoor use, providing excellent thermal insulation. Gates are equipped with reliable and durable automation. Robust guides, rollers and seals ensure smooth operation and durability. The gate control system provides a soft, rapid start, optimal acceleration, smooth braking when opening and closing. The gates comply with the safety standards contained in the regulations for the organization of workplaces. In the event of a power outage, the gate can be raised manually. Partial lifting of the web is carried out with the help of compensating springs L. In the office and amenity premises, a set of equipment and furniture is provided for equipping workplaces, meals and recreation for the personnel of the washing department. The general water consumption is 690 l/hour.