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SKODA showroom project

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Index: 4.140.228
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Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Plot area within the land allotment, ha: 0,4604
Built-up area of ​​the building, m2: 1156,0
Total building area, m2: 1737,7
including roof gas boiler room: 32,3
Construction volume of the building, m3: 10681,5
Floors, fl.: 2

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The car dealership building is a two-story building without a basement, the floor is flat with a rolled roof. The dimensions of the building in the plan in the axes are 82,05x20,00 m. The height of the building from the planning ground level to the top of the parapets is +9.900 along the building and 12.900 to the top of the parapet of the roof boiler house. The building of the car dealership provides premises for the exposition of cars, pre-sale preparation, service maintenance and administrative and household purposes. Volumetric and architectural solutions are developed in accordance with the corporate requirements of SKODA. The facility provides for the placement of administrative premises, premises for engineering equipment that ensures the functioning of the building. On the first floor, there is a two-height exposition hall designed for demonstrating car models and for placing places for customer service and a pre-sale preparation room with a two-height part of the room intended for pre-sale preparation of cars. The second floor provides for the placement of a hall, administrative premises for the employees of the salon and premises for the placement of engineering equipment. On the roof of the building, above one of the stairwells, a roof gas boiler house is designed.

Structural and space-planning solutions

Building responsibility level – II (normal). The building is designed in a braced frame and is divided by an expansion joint into two blocks. The spatial rigidity and stability of the blocks is ensured by the joint work of the transverse frames, the presence of steel vertical and horizontal ties and hard disks of monolithic ceilings. The main load-bearing structures are steel transverse frames made of rolled profiles: columns are made of bent-welded box sections; crossbars - from rolled I-section profiles. Steel C245. Ceilings - monolithic reinforced concrete slabs of B25 concrete on fixed formwork of profiled decking with a total thickness of 120 mm on steel girders. Covering - profiled flooring on steel girders; in the installation area of ​​the roof boiler house - in the form of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab 200 mm thick. The walls of the staircase are made of solid brick 380 mm thick. External walls - three-layer sandwich panels with a thickness of 150 mm and stained-glass windows with fastening to the frame columns and half-timbered elements. The basement part of the outer wall is masonry made of Melikonpolar wall stone with insulation and cladding on the inside. The base of the floor of the first floor is a slab of monolithic reinforced concrete B25 150 mm thick with concrete preparation 100 mm thick over a layer of crushed stone 300 mm thick and a sand cushion of coarse sand with layer-by-layer compaction. Internal stairs - from prefabricated reinforced concrete steps and monolithic reinforced concrete platforms along metal stringers and beams. The walls of the stairwells are made of solid brick 380 mm thick. External stairs are metal. The roof boiler house is designed in a steel braced frame. The main load-bearing structures are transverse frames made of box-section racks and crossbars made of rolled I-beams. Steel C245. The outer walls of the roof boiler house are three-layer sandwich panels 120 mm thick. Covering of the roof boiler room - three-layer sandwich panels with a thickness of 100 mm on steel girders. The load-bearing structures were calculated using the SCAD 11.1 software package. The relative mark of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute mark of +20.65. Foundations - on a natural base in the form of cross bands of monolithic reinforced concrete B25; W8; F100. Under the foundations, concrete preparation 100 mm thick is provided for a layer of crushed stone 300 mm thick and a sand cushion of medium-sized sand with a layer-by-layer compaction 400 mm thick, taking into account the planned replacement of bulk soils. The basis of the foundations are silty sands of medium density saturated with water EGE-2 (c=0,04 kg/cm2; E=180 kg/cm2; e=0,650; φ=30 deg). The expected draft does not exceed 2 cm. The project provides for coating waterproofing of surfaces of concrete structures in contact with the ground.


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