Project of an exhibition complex for the sale and storage of used cars

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Exhibition complex project

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The exhibition complex is designed for the sale and storage of used cars. The building provides the necessary groups of rooms for a comfortable stay of visitors and staff (washrooms, meeting rooms), as well as rooms for manual car washing.

The main technical and economic indicators

Plot area, m2: 3 936
Building density, %: 35
Building area, m2: 1695,3
Area of ​​hard coatings, m2: 2487 including 815 included in sq. developments
Landscaping area, m2: 647,5
Landscaping area outside the site, m2: 200
Percentage of landscaping, %: 16,4

Architectural solutions

The object has built-in technical rooms - on the 1st floor there is an electrical panel and a sprinkler room with pressure boosting installations and special equipment. firefighting. The roof is flat, unexploited with a ventilation chamber. Main parameters. Dimensions of the building in terms of 41,2m x 32,40m Number of floors: 2 Maximum height of the building from the planning mark. ground - 14,000 m, Height of the 1st floor from the finished floor to the floor slab - 4,470 m. mark + 2. Ground floor: On the ground floor there are technical rooms, car lift, customer service center, offices, bathrooms. Technical premises include electrical panel, sprinkler room, manual sinks for 3,720 posts. The technical premises are separated from the business area by a fire wall made of the Stroypanel sandwich panel, which divides the 0,000st floor into two fire compartments. Second floor: On the second floor there is an exhibition hall, a server room, executive offices. On the roof there are ventilation chambers and exits to the roof from the volumes of stairwells. Roof The roof is soft, flat, non-exploitable. On the roof there is a ventilation chamber, an elevator shaft. Access to the roof is from the staircase. The roof is protected by a parapet of sandwich panels. The architectural appearance of the building consists of a combination of deaf and glazed parts of the facades. Enclosing structures of the building - sandwich panels "Stroypanel". A metal flashing is installed on the mounting seams in the color of the panels. The plinth is tiled with ceramic granite tiles. The glazed parts of the building are stained-glass windows with 1 mm thick glass and an energy-saving coating on aluminum alloy substructures.

Constructive decisions

The foundations are taken from driven piles with dimensions of 0,4x.4x16m with a tape monolithic grillage. The frame of the building is a monolithic columns connected with floor and roof disks. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of the system of columns, stiffening diaphragms, ties along the coating and the floor disk. The pitch of the columns is 6x7m, and in the canopy area 6x12m. Loads from the walls of staircases and elevators are also taken by piles. The enclosing structure is made of hinged sandwich panels. Material of grillages and floor slabs: concrete class B25, W6, F100; fittings class A500C. Material of columns, walls, elevator shafts, stairs, beams and floors: concrete class B25, W6, F100; fittings class A500C. The flight of stairs is monolithic, the evacuation staircase is metal. In the area of ​​the customer service center there is a technological ladder on metal stringers for lifting from the first floor to the second. The building responsibility class is ΙΙ.