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AAZS project for 250 orders/day (Gazpromneft)

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Price $510.00
Price $510.00
Index: 96.189.245
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 562 MB
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Expert opinion: a positive
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Plot area within the land allotment, ha: 0,1890
Building area, m2: 298,00
Total area of ​​the control room building, m2: 13,68
Construction volume of the control room building m3: 59,40
Floors, fl.: 1
Productivity, s/day: 250
Estimated cost in the basic price level of 2001 (excluding VAT).
Total:, thousand rubles: 6030,53
Construction and installation works thousand rubles: 3322,97
Equipment, thousand rubles: 1779,00
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 928,56
PIR, thousand rubles: 556,37
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 12,50
Estimated cost at the current price level of August 2012 (including VAT).
Total: thousand rubles: 41473,99
Construction and installation works thousand rubles: 26532,99
Equipment, thousand rubles: 10430,70
Other expenses, thousand rubles : 4510,30
PIR thousand rubles: 2449,63
VAT thousand rubles: 6326,54
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 99,79

The project for the construction of an automatic filling station (AZS) was developed in accordance with the Customer's assignment and on the basis of the urban development plan. In accordance with the task, it is planned to place a gas station for 250 gas stations in this territory to service passenger vehicles with unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. Residential development from the border of the AAZS is located: from the south-west at a distance of 75 m from the south-east at a distance of 65 m. Water supply is carried out on imported water. To collect and drain storm sewage from the gas station site, as well as surface water from the roof and adjacent territory, it is planned to build a sewer network and local treatment facilities. The power supply of the facility is carried out according to the technical conditions. Control room building with axes dimensions 5,550 x 2,530 m, building height h=3m. The degree of fire resistance of the control room building is III, class C1. The production category for fire hazard is “B2”. The canopy over the fuel dispensers (TRK) of liquid motor fuel is metal with plan dimensions of 22,000 x 8,000m, the height of the canopy is h = 5,2m (the height of the gap between the platform for installing the car and the false ceiling of the canopy is 4,3m). Degree of fire resistance - III. Number of fuel dispensers ZhMT – 3 pieces, four-product, double-sided, eight-arm Dresser Wayne pressure type with recuperation (located under a canopy). Gun hoses are equipped with swivel-break couplings with automatic shutdown of fuel supply in the event of a hose break, and are located under a canopy. Quantity of tanks for storage of fuel - 2 pieces - V=50m3. The tanks are located next to the AC site. To collect the emergency strait, a container is intended - 1 pc. (with underground location V=15 m3 next to the AC site). Sealed discharge of fuel from tankers into underground tanks is carried out by gravity using a drain well, quick couplings and a special filter. In accordance with the order of the Customer, the AZS receives and dispenses 3 grades of gasoline (Ai-92, AI-95, AI-95 brand), diesel fuel (DF) and has the following buildings and structures: control room building; platform for filling islands with a canopy for 3 fuel dispensers; underground double-walled steel tanks for fuel (ZHMT): with a capacity of 50 m3 -3 pcs. (next to the AC ZHMT site); platform (ATs ZhMT) for draining fuel with a drain well; emergency tank (ZHMT) with a capacity of 15m3 - 1 pc. (next to the AC ZHMT site); treatment facilities for surface runoff; container platform for garbage; advertising installation; platform for diesel generator set; platform for cars for 2 m / m.

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The designed gas station operator building is a one-story building with a maximum plan size of 6,15 x 3,22 m and a height of 3,4 m from the planning elevation of the ground surface to the top of the parapet. switchboard, cabins for dry closet and utility room. The covering of the building is flat, the roof is rolled, the exterior finish is aluminum facade panels.

 Structural and space-planning solutions

The control room building is designed according to the frame structural scheme. The columns are metal. The pitch of the columns in the control room building is 5,55x2,53 m, the section of the columns is a square pipe 100x5 (half-timbered posts 60x4) according to GOST 30245-2003, steel C245. The pitch of the columns under the canopy is 8,66x2,4 m, the section of the columns is a pipe 219x8 made of B20 steel. The pipes are made in accordance with GOST 8732-78. Operator room steel beams made of square pipe 100x5 in accordance with GOST 30245-2003, girders made of channel 18P in accordance with GOST 8240-97. Steel C245. The external walls of the control room are hinged from three-layer "sandwich" panels, 150 mm thick on a steel frame. Partitions made of gypsum boards on a steel frame filled with mineral wool boards, thickness of the partitions 125 mm. Covering - soft roofing on a profiled sheet along the covering beams in the control room building, a canopy - profiled sheet H57-750-0,7 along the covering beams. The canopy is made of metal beams, I-beam section 45Sh1, 30Sh1 according to STO ASChM 20-93 from steel S255. Runs from a channel 18P in accordance with GOST 8240-97. Steel C245. The spatial rigidity and stability of the control room building is ensured by the joint work of racks, vertical braces and a hard disk cover (horizontal braces). The spatial rigidity and stability of the canopy is ensured by the rigid coupling of the columns in two directions and the hard disk of the cover. The foundations in the control room building are a slab of monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm thick with beams 500 mm high along the perimeter, concrete B15, W6, F75. The foundations for the columns of the canopy are columnar from monolithic reinforced concrete. Concrete B20, W6, F150. The thickness of the plate for the tanks (fuel and cleaning) is 400 mm. Concrete B20÷25, W6, F35÷75. The calculation of load-bearing structures and the foundation was carried out using the SCAD 11.1 software package. Under the foundation of the control room, a sand cushion ~3200 mm thick is provided, under the tank slab - 200 mm and a canopy - 1000 mm. The relative mark of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute mark of 5.50. In accordance with the report on engineering and geological surveys, the base of the sand cushion is fluid-plastic loam with c=16 KPa, φ=17, E=80kg/cm2 and fluid loam with c=9 KPa, φ=10, E=70kg/cm2 . Estimated soil resistance is not lower than R=1,056 kg/cm2. The maximum pressure under the base of the foundation is p=1,05 kg/cm2. The maximum level of groundwater near the day surface. Groundwater is slightly aggressive to concrete of normal permeability in terms of the content of aggressive carbon dioxide and the hydrogen index. In order to protect the concrete of underground structures, the concrete grade for water resistance is W6. The surface is protected by coating with bitumen-polymer mastic. The expected average settlement of the building is not more than 1,0 cm. The project provides for the organization of observations of new construction and the surrounding building.

 Engineering equipment, utility networks, engineering activities

The power supply of the filling station is provided in accordance with the technical specifications. The power allowed for connection is 70 kVA according to the III category of reliability. Power source - Substation 110/10 kV No. 334. Connection point - 0,38 kV switchgear TP-18593. Category of electrical receivers according to the reliability of power supply: I - electrical receivers of the alarm system and loud-speaking communication, emergency lighting, video surveillance system, security and control systems of the fuel dispenser; III - a complex of other electrical receivers. The estimated load of the station is 40 kVA (for category I - 4,8 kVA). Emergency power supply of electrical receivers of category I is provided from additional sources: control systems for fuel-separating columns through - UPS (5 kVA); electrical receivers of the alarm system and emergency lighting - from built-in rechargeable batteries. The reserve power supply of the filling station is provided from a GS NEF45MA.S diesel generator set manufactured by IVECO MOTORS (45 kVA). For connection to switchgear-0,38 kV TP-18593, the laying of a cable of the brand APvBbShp-1 kV is provided; 4x50 mm2, for connection to the DGU - cable brand APvBbShp-1 kV; 4x16 mm2 to the main switchboard of the gas station building. The cable cross-sections were checked for the allowable load, voltage loss, the condition for disconnecting the damaged section during short circuit. Gas station electricity consumers are: process equipment electrical receivers, fuel dispensers, computers, ventilation systems, submersible pumps, electrical heat supply devices, working and emergency lighting fixtures, fire alarm devices, security and communication systems. For the distribution of electricity and protection of electrical networks, the device of the main switchboard (MSB) is provided, completed on the elements of f. "AVV". Manual activation of the backup power supply by the actions of the duty personnel is provided. For commercial metering of electricity, an electronic meter "Mercury 233" is provided at the input of the main switchboard. Luminaires with fluorescent and compact energy-saving lamps were chosen to illuminate the filling station premises; to illuminate the area above the fuel dispenser under a canopy - lamps with metal halide lamps (IP65). For outdoor lighting of the territory - LED lamps type USS 70/100, mounted on metal poles. For the installation of electrical networks, cables of the VVG brand were selected - for external networks, VVGng-LS - for internal networks and VVGng-LSFR - for networks of fuel dispensers, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting. To protect against static electricity, fuel tanks, pipelines and process equipment cases are connected to a grounding device. To protect the building of the gas station from the drift of high potential during a direct lightning strike into a single rod lightning rod, a surge protection device (SPD) is provided at the input of the main switchboard. The security system is adopted TN-CS type. Protective grounding of electrical equipment is provided through an independent fifth wire from the main switchboard. A potential equalization system is provided for combining conductive parts on the main grounding bus (GZSH): busbars MSB (PE), steel pipes of building communications, metal parts of building structures, grounding lightning protection device. The section "Water supply and sanitation" of the gas station was developed in accordance with the Connection Conditions and adjustments. The project does not provide for centralized systems of domestic drinking water supply and domestic sewerage due to the fact that the gas station being designed is fully automated and operates without maintenance personnel. External fire extinguishing with a flow rate of 10,0 l / s is provided from fire hydrants on the public water supply. Disposal of surface wastewater from the roof of the building and the adjacent territory is provided through the on-site rain sewerage system to the designed treatment facilities located at the gas station site. For the treatment of surface runoff, an OPS-3 installation by the Ozon company with a capacity of 3 l / s was adopted. Characteristics of the initial and treated surface runoff: Oil products - source water - 50 mg/l; purified water - 0,05 mg / l. Suspended solids - source water - 500 mg/l; purified water - 7,25 mg / l. Purified rainwater is discharged by gravity through one outlet D=250 mm into the existing sewer collector D=1000 mm down the street. Heating - electric. Heating devices - electric convectors of the firm "Frico". For ITAT and ITSO rooms, air heating, air conditioning. Ventilation supply and exhaust mechanical and natural. The inflow of outside air through the KIV dampers in the outer walls. To assimilate heat surpluses in the ITAT and ITSO maintenance room, a split system with a winter set is provided. The wired broadcasting system was made on the basis of the conclusion on the conditions for connecting to the city's wired radio broadcasting (PV) network and to the Regional Automated Centralized Public Address System (RACSO) of the population, an automatic gas station being designed. The project provides for connection to RASCSO via a digital IP-VPN channel using equipment that has an interface with RASCSO. To implement the tasks of centralized notification, the RTU-Ethernet interface unit, which is part of the P-166VAU (SGS 22M) notification equipment complex, is used. The loudspeaker communication system is provided on the basis of the SPECTR-501 intercom and the P-166VAU (SGS 22M) warning equipment complex. The television reception system at this facility is not provided in accordance with the adjustment of the Terms of Reference for the design. The structured cabling system was made on the basis of the Terms of Reference for the design contract. When building a structured cabling system (SCS), the following subsystems are used: the subsystem of the workplace is designed to connect computer equipment and user informatics to a local area network. The workplace subsystem in the registration equipment room includes the following equipment: one independent RJ-45 socket and one shielded RJ-45 cat-5e socket; one independent Category 5e UTP cable and one Category 5e STP cable. The workplace subsystem in the switchboard room includes the following equipment: three independent shielded RJ-45 cat-5e sockets; three independent STP category 5e cables; the telecommunications subsystem includes the following equipment: 24-port Cisco 2960 managed switch with PPoE support; 24/port patch panels with RJ-45 connectors, cat. 5th. For switching equipment of a structured cable network with active network equipment, the following are used: category 5e patch cords with RJ-45 connectors 0,5 m and 3 m long. A 15U wall cabinet is installed in the technical equipment room. The cabinet is equipped with: cable organizers; mounting kits; grounding kits; power distribution modules. To provide the AAZS with a data transmission network to the central office and remote dispatch center (RCC), the main and backup communication channels are provided: the required bandwidth is 1 Mbit / s (including reserve and expandability), one static IP address (for organizing a corporate communication network) ; the horizontal subsystem includes the following equipment: 4-pair UTP category 5e cables; 4-pair STP category 5e cables; 24/port patch panel with RJ-45 Category 5e connectors. UTP, STP cables are designed to connect subscriber outlets of the workplace subsystem with patch panels of the horizontal subsystem.