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Gas station project with a car wash and a store (Gazpromneft)

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Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Project documentation and results of engineering surveys, without estimates, for the construction of a gas station with a free-standing car wash.

Technical, economic and cost indicators:
Plot area, ha: 0,4758
Building area, including: m2: 623,03
gas station buildings, m2: 150,00
Gas station buildings with a canopy, m2: 393,03
washing buildings, m2: 80,00
Total area of ​​the filling station building, m2: 142,59
Total area of ​​the car wash building, m2: 74,69
Construction volume of the filling station building, m3: 604,50
Construction volume of the washing building, m3: 371,20

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The designed gas station with a free-standing car wash is a complex of buildings and structures designed to receive and dispense (500 fillings per day) 3 grades of gasoline (Ai-92, AI-95, AI-98) and diesel fuel, for refueling at the same time six cars, as well as a car wash, which includes: an operator building with a shop and a cafe-bistro, utility rooms; washing building; a canopy over the platform of filling islands for 3 fuel dispensers (TRK) of the company "TOKHEIM" model "Quantium" 400T 4-8, and underground fuel tanks: emergency volume of 10 m3, two single-chamber volumes of 50 m3 and one two-chamber 50 m3 each ( 30 + 20) m3; drain well; platform for tankers (AC); platform for diesel generator set; temporary parking lot for 3 cars with a garbage collector area; tire inflation post; vacuum cleaner; underground storm water treatment facilities; drain well; lightning rods. The designed control room building with a shop and a cafe-bistro is a one-story rectangular volume with dimensions in the axes of 10,00 m x 15,00 m and a height of 4,30 m. The main entrance is designed in the center of the building with the installation of a metal-plastic glazed door. The project in the building provides for administrative and amenity premises, a trading floor of the store with an operator's place and a cafe-bistro, utility rooms of the store and a cafe, and engineering premises. The washing building is a one-story rectangular volume with axes dimensions of 8,00 m x 10,00 m and a height of 4,70 m. Car washing is provided for manual using two HDS 650 4M and HD 10/21-4S high-pressure cleaners. To purify water and reuse it, the car wash is equipped with HDR 777 recycling water treatment facilities. Roofing - rolled with insulation from materials with a base of three-layer metal roofing "sandwich panels" on metal structures with external drainage. Drainage from the roof of the buildings of the control room and washing is external. The entrance to the building for visitors is designed along a ramp. The lower part of the entrance glazed doors to a height of 0,3 m is protected by a shockproof strip. The canopy is a “T”-shaped structure in plan with overall dimensions of 9,00 x 18,00 m and 7,50 x 12,76 m, the height to the top of building structures is 5,70 m. The structure is designed in a metal frame with lining building structures with aluminum composite panels. Roofing from steel profiled decking on metal structures. Drainage from the roof is external, organized by drainpipes passing in the lining of the columns. The project provides for unhindered access for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility to the gas station building and a separate car wash.

Structural and space-planning solutions

Responsibility class of structures II (normal) in accordance with GOST 27751-88. For the relative mark of 0,000, the mark of the clean floor of the gas station building is taken, corresponding to the absolute mark of +66,90. The foundations were designed on the basis of the Report on the engineering and geological conditions of the site. Groundwater for the period of field work was recorded near the surface. They are "top water" and are confined to the soil-vegetative layer. Glacial deposits serve as a relative aquiclude. Groundwater is non-aggressive to W4 concrete. Sand preparation for foundations should be made of medium-grained sand with controlled compaction up to Yck. = 1,65 t/m. The width of the sand cushion at the base should be 0,3 m greater than the width of the foundation. The thickness of the sand cushion: 300 mm for the foundations of the gas station building, washing building, canopy and 200 mm for the foundations of tanks, signs and other foundations of the site. The normative depth of seasonal freezing is 1,45 m. Underground tanks, technological tanks are located on monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 400 mm thick made of concrete class B20, W4; F50, preventing the possibility of equipment floating at the maximum rise in groundwater. Foundations for equipment, advertising and road signs - monolithic, shallow reinforced concrete. Concrete class accepted B20, W4; F150. Gas station buildings and car washes. The basis for the foundations of the gas station building and the sink is the IGE1 layer: Light silty loam, semi-solid, with gravel and pebbles, with sand pockets with the following characteristics: р11 = 2,10 g/cm3; e = 0,525;  = 22°; c11 = 40 kPa; E = 13,5 MPa. The foundations for the gas station and car wash buildings are monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 150 mm thick (180 mm for the car wash building), with a 650 mm high rib along the contour. Concrete - class B20, concrete grade for water resistance - W4; concrete grade for frost resistance - F150. The absolute mark of the bottom of the sole of the foundations is +66,20. Foundation laying depth - 0,5 m. The slab in the span is reinforced with separate reinforcement bars Ø12 A400 with a step of 200 in both directions. Technological load on the plate is 0,04 kgf/cm2. The normative load on the beam (rib) along the perimeter of the filling station building is q = 3,6 t/m. The average pressure under the beam (rib) is 7,7 t/m2. The average pressure under the foundation slab is 2,2 t/m2. Estimated soil resistance of the base: 1,8 kgf/cm2. Expected settling of slabs: 1,3 cm. To protect the base from freezing and frost heaving along the perimeter of the buildings, laying of 50 mm thick polystyrene foam plexus is provided. The basis of the carcass of the buildings of the gas station and the sink is made up of frames consisting of columns rigidly fixed in the foundation and crossbars hinged on the columns. The system of half-timbered racks and crossbars forms a load-bearing frame for enclosing structures. Frame columns are made of square bent pipes □120x5 (K1), and D 200x6 (K2). Beams from a rolled profile: B1 - I-beam 30B1 according to STO ASCHM 20-93, B2 - channel 24P according to GOST 8240-97. Runs - channel 20P in accordance with GOST 8240-97. Profiled floor covering H75-750-0.8 is rigidly connected to the purlins. The stability of the building frames is ensured by the hard disk of the coating. The metal structures are designed for the design loads adopted according to SNiP 2.01.07-85*: the design value of the snow load on the horizontal projection of the coating for the III snow region is 180 kgf/m2; the normative value of wind pressure for the II wind region is 30 kgf/m2. Canopy over the fuel dispenser: The canopy is designed according to the frame scheme. The support of the roof beams on the racks is articulated. Canopy racks are pinched in two directions. The stability of the frame is ensured by the pinching of the main columns in the foundations and the rigidity of the coating disks. The rigidity of the coating disks is provided by the coating beams, rigid fastening of the flooring to the beams. The fastening of the flooring to the purlins is rigid. Columns K1 are made of square bent pipes D 250x8, beams are made of rolled profiles - I-beams 45Sh1 according to STO ASCHM 20-93. Runs - channel 20P, 24P according to GOST 8240-97. Foundations for the canopy of the building - monolithic reinforced concrete, columnar, free-standing, connected under two columns, made of class B20 concrete; W4; F150. The total (from two columns) standard load on the edge of the foundation is 25,9 tons. The average pressure on the base of the foundation is 5,9 t/m2. The base for the foundations of the canopy is the IGE1 layer: Light silty loam, semi-solid, with gravel and pebbles, with sand pockets with the following characteristics: р11 = 2,10 g/cm3; e = 0,525;  = 22°; c11 = 40 kPa; E = 13,5 MPa. The absolute mark of the bottom of the foundation sole is +64,9. Foundation laying depth - 1,8 m. Sole plates 1,5 x 5,2 are reinforced with separate rods Ø12, Ø16 A400, under-column - with separate rods Ø12 A400. The expected settlement of the foundation is 0,9 cm. To transfer forces from the column, the base of the K1 column is fastened with 4 foundation bolts. Anti-corrosion protection of all metal frame elements will be carried out with paint coatings in accordance with SNiP 2.03.II-85 "Protection of structures against corrosion". Roofing - from profiled flooring H75-750-0.8. Fuel tanks: Foundation depth: 4,6 m. The absolute mark of the bottom of the base of the foundation: +62,25. The IGE2 layer was adopted as a natural base for fuel tanks: light silty loam, hard, with gravel and pebbles, gray with the following characteristics: р11 = 2,19 g/cm3; e = 0,415; 11 = 24°; c = 45 kPa; E = 15,5 MPa. Foundations for fuel tanks - monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 400 mm thick made of B20 class concrete; W4; F50. The nearest building is located at a distance of 65 meters. Represented by a residential 5-storey panel building.


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