Lukoil gas station project

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Lukoil gas station project

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of gas stations for 500 gas stations per day
Technical and economic indicators
Building area, total, m2: 671,0
including a filling station with a canopy for 4 fuel dispensers for cars, m2: 225,0
filling site with a canopy for 2 fuel dispensers for trucks, m2: 144,0
service buildings for drivers and passengers, m2: 302,0
The total area of ​​the building for servicing the vehicle, m2: 272,0
Construction volume of the building for servicing the vehicle, m3: 1315,2
Canopy height (from the mark of the surface of the fire passage to the upper point of the structure), m: 5,8
Height of the building for servicing the vehicle (from the planning mark of the earth to the top of the parapet), m: 4,355
Floors/Number of floors of the building for servicing the vehicle, floor/floor: 1/1


 The facility being designed is designed to service traffic on the roads: refueling trucks and cars, servicing drivers and passengers - an automobile filling station (hereinafter referred to as a gas station). Working hours - 24 hours a day. A filling station is a group of buildings and structures for various purposes in accordance with their technological features, designed for refueling passenger vehicles. All buildings and structures are combined into a single architectural and color composition, which is expressed in a combination of strict lines of light metal surfaces of walls with bright red surfaces of canopies. The effective design of advertising panels and interchangeable display boards complements the modern image of the filling station. The store building with a sales area of ​​150.00 m2 is a one-story frame structure with hinged outer wall panels. The building, rectangular in plan, has dimensions in the axes of 18,8 x 14,7 m. The height of the building is 4.4 m. In accordance with GOST 27751-88 "Reliability of building structures and foundations", the building belongs to the normal (II) level of responsibility. Degree of fire resistance of the building III, Class of constructive fire hazard of the building C0 - Functional fire hazard class F3.1. The service building for drivers and passengers is not categorized by explosion and fire hazard, as it does not apply to storage and production. Volumetric-spatial and architectural-artistic solutions are made on the basis of the technical specifications of the customer. The facades of the building are made in the corporate colors of the company, in particular, contrasting red as the dominant and light (white) background color. The cladding material is aluminum or a composite material of the Alucobond type. The cladding is painted in the factory in a RAL color corresponding to visual standards. The front facade of the store should create an open effect for customers, which implies the requirement to maximize the use of the facade for stained glass. The planning solution of the store provides for comfortable conditions for customers. There is a cash desk in front of the entrance, where payment for all services of the complex takes place. To the left of the entrance is the cafeteria area. Car refueling area with a canopy. The structure is a canopy over the site with 4 fuel-dispensing horses located in one row and dimensions 30,0x7,5. The project provides for self-service for refueling vehicles. The canopy is supported by two rows of columns.


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