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The structure of banking premises is determined by the nature of the tasks, operations that are performed by the bank and are approved: for buildings of main departments and national banks; for cash settlement centers. The first is subdivided into premises: security facilities, electronic computers, support services, engineering and technical purposes, clerical purposes. The latter are divided into: cash hall, cash point and value transfer unit, office premises of various departments, training and operating unit, auxiliary premises, service, security, engineering and technical purposes. Crossing the paths of movement of customers and transportation of values ​​is not allowed. The planning decision of banking institutions should provide unhindered access for security and inspection of all corridors and premises, as well as the evacuation of people in case of fire. There are such zones of restricted access. The first is controlled, the second is heavily controlled and guarded, the third is heavily controlled, guarded and protected. Finishing of facades, color of materials must correspond to the environment. Placement of advertising design on the facade and its visual perception should be taken into account. The land plot allocated for a banking institution can be fenced. Separate boxes are provided for loading and unloading cash-in-transit vehicles. On the site, the maneuverability of special vehicles should be ensured. On the territory there are parking spaces for official and special vehicles.


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