Standard project of the pool 2С-09-15/67

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Standard design of the pool 2C-09-15 (code 258/61) / 2C-09-15/67

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of the pool building, standard project 2C-09-15/67.
The project for the overhaul of the building of an indoor swimming pool with a bathtub 50x21 m.

General information.

The pool building was built according to the standard project 2C-09-15/67. The functional purpose and classification of the pool, including for the main bowl of the pool and auxiliary bowls - sports, classification - universal. Sports facility category - B. Total one-time number of visitors and staff in the building - 780 people. The one-time number of visitors to the main bowl of the pool is 96 people. and auxiliary bowls - 26 people, including visitors from the low-mobility group of the population (hereinafter referred to as MGN) - are not provided. Mobility group MGN – there are no conditions for MGN for the current period. The number of seats in the stands for spectators is 536 people. The dimensions of the pool bowl (length × width × depth) - 50,0 × 21,0 × 2,1 ÷ 5,1 (by water) m. The need to use a pool with a dedicated area for MGN is not required. The area of ​​the water mirror is 1 m050,0. The volume of water in the pool is 2 m3. Type of pool according to its purpose - universal educational and training. Type of pool - closed. The nature of water exchange is recirculation (overflow) type. HVS - centralized. The DHW system is a closed water intake scheme. Heating - centralized. Water disposal (water used in the pool bowl) - centralized networks of household sewerage. Water treatment (water heating) - from a heating system with closed water intake. The heating system is a dependent circuit. Bath (bowl) of the pool - monolithic reinforced concrete. Facing of a bowl of the pool - a ceramic tile. Facing of floors around a bowl of the pool - a ceramic tile. The total area of ​​the pool bowl is 278,1 m3. The total area of ​​the premises of the building is 1780 m2.