Typical pool design 294-3-30


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Standard project 294-3-30

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Index: 20121900
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Design estimates, working documentation including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of the pool building standard project 294-3-30

General information.

The purpose of the designed facility is a swimming pool. The fire hazard class of load-bearing building structures is K0. Design solutions for the configuration, structures and protection method were adopted in accordance with the recommendations developed based on the results of the inspection and agreement with the customer. In accordance with SNiP 21-01-97 "Fire safety of buildings and structures", this building belongs to fire hazard classes: F 2.1 - Theaters, cinemas, concert halls, clubs, circuses, sports facilities with stands, libraries and other institutions with an estimated number seating for visitors indoors. The architectural solution of the existing building is standard, according to the project 294-3-30. The building is 2-storey. External walls - brick, 640 mm thick. Interfloor ceilings - reinforced concrete floor slabs. The roof is hipped with a coating - metal tiles. The project provides for a comprehensive overhaul of a typical pool building (project 294-3-30), including repair of the facade, roof, foundation, engineering systems, etc.


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