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pool project

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Index: 17.129.209
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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pool building
Project documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of a swimming pool building for a secondary school

Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Plot area according to GPZU, ha: 0,6953
Plot area within the design boundaries, m2: 4370,0
Building area, m2: 1151,5
Total area, m2: 3000,0
Construction volume, m3: 17092,4
Floors, floor: 2,3
Estimated cost in the basic price level of 2001 (excluding VAT).
Total, thousand rubles: 38221,28
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 22162,54
Equipment, thousand rubles: 5918,45
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 10140,29
PIR, thousand rubles: 1480,54
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 56,78
Estimated cost at the current price level as of May 2012 (including VAT).
Total, thousand rubles: 245410,60
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 160101,31
Equipment, thousand rubles: 18355,44
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 66953,85
PIR, thousand rubles: 5507,13
VAT, thousand rubles: 37243,22
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 410,16

Architectural and space-planning solutions.

The designed swimming pool building is two-three-storey with a basement, has a T-shape in plan with maximum dimensions in the axes of 51,20x24,10 m. The height of the three-story volume of the building from the planning level of the ground to the top of the parapet is 13,75 m. The mark of the finished floor of the 0,000st floor of the building is taken as a relative mark of 1. In the basement at the level of -2,900, the following are designed: ventilation chambers, a room for a pumping and filtering room for pools, a dosing room, a warehouse for storing chemicals, a water treatment laboratory, an ITP, a cable, a water metering unit, locker rooms for staff (male and female) with showers and bathrooms, workshops for repair work of a plumber and an electrician, a room for a plumber and an electrician on duty, a room for cleaning equipment, a room for temporary storage of fluorescent lamps. There are three exits from the basement directly to the outside. In the basement, in front of the stairs in the axes 9/1-10, A-B, which has access to the outside and to the 1st floor, there is a vestibule - a gateway. On the 1st floor of the building at the level of 0,000 are designed: a vestibule with a security post, wardrobes for primary and senior classes, bathrooms for students, a universal bathroom cabin accessible to the disabled, a swimming hall with a pool bowl 10,0x6,0 m, dressing rooms for schoolgirls and for schoolchildren for 14 places each with showers and bathrooms, an elevator for lifting to the second floor, technical rooms. In the pool hall, bypass paths are provided with access through the foot bath, a built-in wardrobe for storing inventory is provided. On the 2nd floor of the building at the level of +4,200 are designed: a swimming hall with a pool bowl 25,0x11,0 m (hall height 4,70 m to the bottom of the protruding structures) with inventory, dressing rooms for schoolgirls and for schoolchildren for 28 places each with showers and bathrooms, locker rooms for coaches (women's and men's) with showers and bathrooms, a dry swimming hall (the height of the hall is 4,70 m to the bottom of the protruding structures) with inventory rooms, a nurse's office, a methodological office, a relaxation room for trainers. In the swimming hall, bypass paths are provided with access through the foot bath and a special exit for the disabled. On the 3rd floor of the pool building at the level of +8,400, the following are designed: a control room, a security rest room, an administrator's room, a bathroom for staff, ventilation chambers, a prechamber. Cleaning facilities are provided on all floors. Designed two stairwells type L1 for climbing to the 2nd and 3rd floors with direct access to the outside. Exterior finishing of facades: basement of the building up to +0,900 - porcelain stoneware cladding, brick walls above +0,900 - insulation and porcelain stoneware finishing according to the ventilated facade system or sandwich panels. The covering is flat, combined, with an organized internal drain. Parapet height - not less than 0,6 m. There are exits to the roof via external vertical metal stairs. Filling of window openings - metal-plastic window blocks with two-chamber double-glazed windows. Stained-glass windows - aluminum, with two-chamber double-glazed windows. Furnishing of rooms is provided in accordance with their functional purpose. The design documentation provides for measures to prevent criminal manifestations, including: in the lobby on the 1st floor there is a security post for access control, a control room on the 3rd floor. The accessibility of the building for students with disabilities, including swimming pools, changing rooms, showers and sanitary facilities, has been ensured.

Structural and space-planning solutions.

Building responsibility level - II. The pool building is designed from 2 blocks - sports and administrative, and are separated by an expansion joint. The building was designed according to a frame structural scheme, the basement was designed according to a mixed structural scheme. The outer walls of the basement are monolithic reinforced concrete 300 mm thick, class B25, F100, W6 concrete on sulfate-resistant cement, class A500C reinforcement. The outer enclosing walls are designed with brick 250 mm thick, insulated with a ventilated facade system (developed at the stage of design and development and must have a technical certificate from the State Construction Committee), as well as in the form of stained-glass windows and hinged sandwich panels (thickness 200 mm). Partitions are designed from tongue-and-groove hydrophobized slabs 160 mm thick (2x80 mm). The columns are monolithic reinforced concrete. The main column spacing is 6x6 m in the administrative part and 15,2x6 ​​m in the sports part of the building. Section of columns 400x400, 600x400 and 700x400 mm, concrete B25. Ceilings and covering over the administrative part - monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 200 mm thick on monolithic reinforced concrete beams with a section of 400x350 mm. Concrete B25. The covering over the sports part is precast prestressed reinforced concrete slabs of the TT3000 type, 700 mm high. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of the rigidity of the frames, the stiffening cores formed by the walls of the staircases and the rigid disks of the floors. Pool bowls with dimensions of 10x6 and 25x11 m are designed in monolithic reinforced concrete (B25; W8). The thickness of the walls is 200 and 300 mm, respectively. The bottom of the pool is a beamless slab 200 and 300 mm thick, respectively, based on monolithic reinforced concrete walls 400 mm thick and columns with a section of 400x400 mm. Waterproofing is carried out according to the technology of a specialized organization. Stairs are designed from monolithic reinforced concrete, B25 concrete. The calculation of load-bearing structures was performed on a computer using the SCAD Office program (version 11.3). The foundations are made of 500 mm thick slabs on a sand cushion (1700 mm thick). Concrete class B25, F100, W6 on sulfate-resistant cement, reinforcement class A500C. The relative mark of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute mark of +8,150. In accordance with the report on engineering-geological surveys, the base of the sand cushion is heavy silty ribbon fluid loams with (p=9°, c=0.05kg/cm , E=60kg/cm . The design resistance of the foundation soils is not less than R=l.4 kg/cm2, the pressure on the foundation soil is not more than p=0,78 kg/cm2. The maximum level of groundwater is at a depth of 0,5-^-1,0 m. Groundwater is slightly aggressive to concrete of normal permeability in terms of the hydrogen index and the content of aggressive carbon dioxide. Soils are moderately aggressive to concrete of normal permeability in terms of sulfate content.