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Business center project

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Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Business center
Project documentation without estimates and the results of engineering surveys for the reconstruction of a non-residential building into a business center
Technical and economic indicators
Plot area within the boundaries of the land allotment, m2: 6420,00
Building area, m2: 1922,00
Total area, m2: 4970,40
Construction volume, m3: 89157,10
Number of floors, fl.: 4

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The project documentation provides for the reconstruction of a non-residential building (semi-finished products plant) in the existing dimensions for a business center. The building is rectangular in shape, with dimensions in the axes of 58,1 x 28,58 m. For the relative mark of 0,000, the mark of the finished floor of the first floor is taken, which corresponds to the absolute mark of 12,75. The project documentation provides for: placement on the ground floor of administrative, office, household, technical and auxiliary premises; placement on the second, third and fourth floors of office and auxiliary premises; changing the functional purpose of one elevator shaft for laying air ducts, the second - for laying electrical communications and smoke exhaust shaft; in existing elevator shafts, replacement of elevators with cargo and passenger ones; preservation of two entrances to the premises of the 1st floor from the side of the front facade in place of existing doorways; arrangement of an emergency exit at the site of the existing gate; preservation of stairwells; ventilation facade device; cladding of entrance areas with natural stone; basement repair; installation of new door fillings; filling window openings according to the type of existing ones. On the first floor, at the level of 0,000, the following are designed: halls, office premises, executive offices, control room, staff wardrobe, dining rooms, photocopying room, cleaning equipment room, latrines (including for MGN), women's personal hygiene room, boiler room, ventilation chamber, water meter units, main switchboard. On the second floor at the level of 4,800 are designed: halls, office space, manager's office, medical center with dressing room and lavatory, cleaning equipment room, latrines. On the third floor at around 9,600 are designed: office space, executive offices, cleaning equipment room, latrines. On the fourth floor at around 14,400 are designed: office space, executive offices, cleaning equipment room, latrines. Clear floor height (from floor to false ceiling 3,0 m. The roof is flat, rolled, with an internal drain. The outer walls of the first floor are brick. External walls of 2-4 floors - hinged reinforced concrete panels. External walls are insulated from the outside with an effective mineral wool slab insulation based on an engineering heat engineering calculation for a frame with fine cladding with aluminum panels with invisible fastening (U-kon systems - a system of hinged ventilated facades). Windows - metal-plastic with double-glazed windows. External doors - metal-plastic with glazing and door closers. Two elevators "Kone MonoSpace" without engine room are envisaged. To ensure the living conditions of people with limited mobility population, the following design solutions are provided for in the project: at the entrance, a ramp with a slope of 1: 8 was designed; a canopy with a drainage system was designed above the entrance platform; workplaces and a toilet for the disabled are designed on the ground floor; doors are provided only for swing doors, on single-acting hinges; the width of the doorways on the way of movement of the disabled, clear 0,9 m; corridor width - 2 m.

Structural and space-planning solutions

In accordance with the technical survey, the existing building was built in the early 70s of the last century according to the frame structural scheme. The level of responsibility of the building is normal. External walls - panel made of expanded clay concrete, thickness 250 mm, working condition. The brickwork of the walls of the first floor is made of ordinary clay bricks, the thickness of the walls is 380 and 510 mm, the condition is efficient. Building without basement. Prefabricated reinforced concrete columns with a section of 600x400 mm on the first and second floors and 400x400 above, working condition. Vertical metal connections from an equal-shelf angle according to GOST 8509-86, working condition. Frame beams (crossbars) - prefabricated reinforced concrete, section 400x800 (h), condition of limited working capacity. Ceilings and coverings are prefabricated reinforced concrete ribbed slabs, the height of the rib is 400 mm, for a useful standard load of 400 kg / m2, the condition is limited operable. Stair flights and landings are prefabricated reinforced concrete Horizontal waterproofing completed. Foundations - columnar monolithic reinforced concrete, under load-bearing and self-supporting walls of the first floor - prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation beams and strip foundations, working condition. The bearing capacity of walls, columns, foundations is sufficient to withstand the design loads, the structures do not require reinforcement. The bearing capacity of the floors is insufficient to withstand the design loads and requires reinforcement. The project provides for the strengthening of the crossbar by installing a duplicate frame and a wedge of the existing crossbar. The project provides for the dismantling of part of the floor slabs, instead, monolithic sections are arranged on metal beams. Concrete B25, reinforcement AIII, beams and posts according to GOST8239-89, steel C245. Ventilated facade ALLUXE, technical certificates of the Ministry of Regional Development 2364-09, 3194-11. The relative elevation of 0.00 corresponds to the absolute elevation of +12,75 m. Additional settlement of the building after the reconstruction is not expected. There is no impact on the surrounding development. The service life of load-bearing and enclosing structures is 50 years.


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