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sewer project

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Price $180.00
Index: 50.115.216
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
Data volume: 198 MB
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sewer collector
Design, working documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
The length of the sewer, m: 603,4
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 16710,16
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 14720,18
Equipment, thousand rubles: 347,27
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 1642,71
PIR, thousand rubles: 873,36
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 31,31
Estimated cost at current price level September 2013 (VAT included)
Total: thousand rubles: 107349,56
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 97203,36
Equipment, thousand rubles: 1335,90
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 8810,30
PIR, thousand rubles: 4379,66
VAT, thousand rubles: 16267,05
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 207,73

Structural and space-planning solutions

Sewer chambers K-1 - K-5 are designed from a monolithic reinforced concrete banquet, which is the base of the chambers, and prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks in the upper part of the chambers. The monolithic reinforced concrete banquet is designed from B25, W8, F50 class concrete, A-III class reinforcement. The bottom plate and walls of the banquet are designed with a thickness of 500 mm. The prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks and the prefabricated reinforced concrete slab of the chamber cover are designed from concrete class B25, W8, F150, class A-III reinforcement. The thickness of the blocks is 150 mm, the coating slabs are 300 mm. Inside the prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks, a monolithic reinforced concrete jacket 150 mm thick was designed from concrete of class B25, W8, F50, class A-III reinforcement. In accordance with the data of engineering and geological surveys, the soils of the base of the chambers are EGE-3a (large brown dense sands saturated with water) and EGE-4 (fine brown dense sands saturated with water). EGE-3a has the following characteristics: ρn=2,14 tf/m3; e=0,450; n=43o; cn=0,02 kgf/cm2. EGE-4 has the following characteristics: ρn = 2,11 tf/m3; e = 0,550; n = 39o; cn = 0,05 kgf/cm2. All internal surfaces of the chamber are treated with PCI KANADICHT type waterproofing material and bitumen-rubber mastic.

Engineering equipment, utility networks, engineering activities

The project documentation provides for the construction of a combined sewer network of multilayer reinforced pipes with ring stiffness SN16 D = 1500/1650 mm according to TU 2248-017-73011750-2011 in the technical area, in the area from passage 1 to the existing mine. Special chambers 3,7x3,7 m are provided on the sewer network. Before the wastewater is discharged into the public sewerage system through shaft No. aggressive environment. For butt joints of pipelines and butt joints of pipelines with wells, heat-shrinkable couplings with ring stiffness SN16 according to TU 2248-017-73011750-2011 are provided. The construction of a trench for the sewer network is provided taking into account the data of engineering and geological surveys with a foundation of 20 cm, as well as taking into account measures to ensure the safety of existing communications. Under the chambers, a base of crushed stone 20 cm and sand 10 cm is provided. The project documentation provides for the removal of 3 SV95-2 type supports from the area of ​​the projected sewer collector.