Overhaul of the Palace of Culture standard project 264-12-139


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Typical project of a rural house of culture

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Price $2,300.00
Index: 05042300
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
Sections: all sections
Data volume: 608 MB
File Format: *.pdf, *.xlsx
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Design, working documentation including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of a rural house of culture.
Technical and economic indicators.
Land area: 4683 m2
Building area: 1048,15 m2
Floors: 2
Number of floors:3
Building volume: 6696,5 m3
including the underground part: 703,13 m3
Total building area: 1503,6 m2

General information.

The existing building of a typical rural house of culture - 2-storey, designed on a land plot of 4683 m2. On 2 floors of the building there are: 1st floor - auditorium, foyer, etc. premises. 2nd floor - classes for classes, offices. Basement floor - basement utility rooms, electrical panel. The construction object has dimensions in the axes of 39,97x25,34 m and has a simple rectangular shape. For the relative mark of 0.000, the level of the finished floor of the 1st floor is taken, and corresponds to the absolute mark of 18,40. There are two stairwells in the building: in axes 1-2/A-D - operated by staff and is an evacuation room with direct access to the outside, in axes 8-10/D-E - operated by staff and visitors. From the 2nd floor, a new evacuation steel staircase was designed from the A-I facade. During the overhaul, high-quality interior and exterior decoration is carried out, defects identified in the conclusion on the technical condition are eliminated, measures are taken to provide access for people with limited mobility. The floor area of ​​the basement floor is 162,3 m2. Basement floor elevation -2,550. The room pos.001 has a height of 3,3 m. An electrical panel room has been allocated, the rest of the rooms do not have a specific purpose and are utility rooms. From the basement floor, there is one existing exit directly to the outside (located at the end of the building, along the facade in the Z-A axes). During the overhaul, the entrance to the basement is dismantled and a new entrance structure made of monolithic reinforced concrete is installed. An additional exit directly outside from the pump room (pos.006) is also provided. On the 1st floor, in the volume of existing premises, a boiler room is arranged, which has an autonomous entrance overlooking the rear facade of the building. The total height of the first floor “in cleanliness” is 3,6 m. Thus, a comfortable environment for visitors to the House of Culture has been formed. At the main entrance, an entrance group is arranged, made of PVC structures, which includes a vestibule and a duty room. In the room of the hall, a tiered arrangement of rows of spectators is performed. Places have been allocated for accommodation of people with limited mobility in the hall. From the premises of the hall, an exit was made from the foyer and exit directly to the outside, when leaving during the overhaul, a porch with a ramp with a slope of 1/20 is arranged. Thus, all groups of visitors are provided with evacuation routes. An entrance ramp with a slope of 1/20 is being installed in front of the main entrance, the porch cover is being restored. Thus, during the overhaul, all premises where more than 50 people can stay will be provided with two emergency exits. Planning solutions ensure the correct operation of the facility. The total height of the second floor “in cleanliness” is 3,1 m. On the 2nd floor, in the volume of existing premises, classes for classes and the director's office are set up. From the staircase in the axes 8-10 / D-E, there is an exit to the balcony. Thus, in accordance with SP 1.13130.2009, each floor of the building has at least 2 emergency exits. The building is made without an attic. During the overhaul, the roof slabs are insulated. TECHNOROOF insulation is laid on top of the existing ceiling, the leveling is carried out using wedge-shaped plates. The roof is flat. The existing drainage system is not organized, external. During the overhaul, an organized rainwater drainage system is installed, consisting of pipes, nozzles, funnels and gutters. The constructive scheme of the building is load-bearing brick (external and internal) on strip foundations. Ceilings - multi-hollow and ribbed reinforced concrete slabs. The spatial rigidity of the building is ensured by the joint work of load-bearing walls and hard disks of floors and roofs. Geometric characteristics, sections, thicknesses of elements, their dimensions and heights were taken according to the results of full-scale measurements. Structures of the above-ground part of the building.