Project of panel 9-storey residential buildings

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2 nine-story houses

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Price $640.00
Index: 12021982
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
Sections: all sections
Data volume: 220 MB
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Design documentation including estimates for the construction of two nine-story multi-apartment panel houses.

General technical and economic indicators:
Plot area, m2: 16240,0
Building area, m2: 2707,50
Coating area, m2: 7412,30
Landscaping area, m2: 6120,20

Architectural solutions.

House No. 1 in GP - panel 5-section, house No. 2 in GP - panel 4-section. Multi-apartment residential building No. 1 according to the GP - panel 5-section has a rectangular shape in plan with dimensions in the axes of 12,30 x 108,3 m. 1 row section 1-2-2-2 with dimensions of 12,3 m x 21,6 m. 4 ordinary sections 1-1-2-3 with dimensions of 12,3m x 21,6m. Multi-apartment residential building No. 2 according to the GP - panel, 4-section has a rectangular shape in plan with dimensions in the axes 12,30 x 86,55 m. One row section 1-2-2-2 with dimensions 12,3 x 21,6 m. Two ordinary sections 1-1-1-1-2 with dimensions of 12,3 x 21,6 m. One ordinary section 1-1-2-3 with dimensions of 12,3 x 21,6 m. Residential buildings - 9 storey with a technical basement floor and a cold attic. Height of residential floors - 2,8 m; the height of the technical basement floor is 2,5 m; the height of the attic from the floor to the bottom of the cover is variable - from 1,71 m to 1,9 m. cleaning equipment; "1-3" is located electrical panel. In the technical basement floor of residential building No. 4 in the axes: "5-6" there is a room for a booster pumping unit for domestic and drinking water supply and a room for cleaning equipment; "2-4" are located the premises of the water metering unit and the electrical panel room. The rest of the technical basement floor is provided for the placement of communications. There are exits from the technical basement directly to the street in each section and are separated from the main entrances. Ventilation of the technical basement floor is carried out through 5 x 5 mm air vents and windows located in the pits. The dimensions of the pit are 6 x 400 m. The cold attic is ventilated through air ducts 200 x 0,7 mm in size. The project provides for 1,2 apartments in the residential building under GP No. 400, including: one-room apartments - 400 pcs. two-room apartments - 1 pcs. three-room apartments - 179 pcs. In residential building No. 80, the project provides for 62 apartments, including: one-room apartments - 37 pcs. two-room apartments - 2 pcs. three-room apartments - 162 pcs. Each apartment has a balcony. The project provides for ramps at the entrance group of each section, widened doorways and vestibules, elevators from the mark of minus 99. Vertical communication between the floors is carried out by a ladder type L54 and an elevator with a carrying capacity of 9 kg with cabin dimensions of 0,930 x 1 x 1000 mm. Passenger elevator model "ZIRCON 1100 LL2100" without a machine room of the company "LM Liftmaterial". The elevation of the finished floor of the elevator shaft is minus 2200 m. The first landing in the elevator is carried out from the mark of minus 1000. The elevator stops at 900 and beyond on each floor. Above the residential floors is a cold attic. Exit to the roof is carried out: In residential building No. 1,210 - from the section staircase in the axes "0,930-0,000". In residential building No. 1 - from the stairwell of the section in the axes "5-6". Exterior finishing of facades is carried out according to the technology of the Teplo-Avangard system.

Structural and space-planning solutions.

The level of responsibility of buildings is normal. The constructive scheme is frameless. Spatial rigidity and stability are ensured by the joint work of load-bearing longitudinal and transverse internal walls, hard disks of floors and roofing. Calculation for stability, strength, spatial immutability of buildings as a whole, as well as individual structural prefabricated elements with attachment points, incl. to protect the building from progressive collapse, was made using the Lira-Sapr software package. Foundations - a monolithic reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 400 mm from concrete of class B30, grade W6 for preparation with a thickness of 100 mm from concrete of class B10. The relative elevation of the bottom of the foundations is "- 2,900 m". The foundations are based on loams (IGE-2,4) with a minimum design resistance of 45,0 t/m2. The maximum pressure under the sole of the foundation slab is 11,5 t/m2. Maximum draft - 3,9 cm. Waterproofing - from two layers of "Technoelast" grade EPP according to TU 5774-003-00287852-99. Structural elements of the section are taken from prefabricated reinforced concrete products according to the 90 series, produced at the city's reinforced concrete plant. The roof is flat, with an internal organized drain, from two layers of "Technoelast" according to TU 5763-005-72746455-2007. The slope is provided with expanded clay gravel with a thickness of 20 mm to 100 mm (y=500 kg/m3).