Standard project 1Mg-601/J hostel

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Standard project 1Mg-601/Zh (dormitory)

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Index: 21122100
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Data volume: 540 MB
File Format: *.pdf, *.xlsx
Hotel-type dormitory standard project 1Mg-601/Zh
Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of the dormitory (standard project 1Mg-601/Zh).
Technical and economic indicators.
Year Built: 1978
Floors: 15
Total area: 11100,4 m2.

General information.

The building has a simple rectangular plan. Height is about 42 m. The facades of the building have a simple rectangular shape with windows, mainly horizontal format. The hostel building has a central entrance from the right side facade and emergency exit from the left side facade. Vertical communication between the floors is carried out by two reinforced concrete two mid-flight stairs (one of them is evacuation) and four elevators (one of them is technical). Structural scheme of the building - frame type with a full reinforced concrete frame, consisting of columns with a grid of 6x6 (2) m and crossbars.