Typical project P-46


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Typical project P-46

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Index: 21012101
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
Sections: TZK(TO), PZ, AR, KR, EOM, VK, OV
Data volume: 202 MB
File Format: *.dwg, *.doc
Apartment building typical project P-46
Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of an apartment building series P-46-3/12
Technical and economic indicators
Floors: 12 + t/under and t/floor
Number of entrances: 12
Building area, m2: 3
Building volume, m3: 109 129
Total area of ​​premises, m2: 26 882
Total number of apartments including non-residential fund: 574
Year Built: 1974

General information.

The multi-apartment residential building was built according to the standard project II-46. Cross-bearing reinforced concrete panels, prefabricated reinforced concrete floors. The porches of the entrance to the entrance are concrete, the entrance platforms are covered with paving slabs. All entrance groups have ramps. Entrance groups of entrances from 1 to 6 were repaired as part of the current repair. Entrance doors - metal 1,0x2,05 m. Doors to the garbage chamber - metal, 0.7x1.8m. The canopy above the entrance is prefabricated reinforced concrete with a coating of built-up materials. There is no concierge room. Interfloor stairs - reinforced concrete prefabricated. Facades - claydite-concrete panels finished with small-sized facing tiles. Loggias and canopies over the entrances are prefabricated reinforced concrete. On the main facade - loggias 3x1,2 m On the courtyard facade - loggias of 2 standard sizes: 1st - 4,2x1,2x0,15, m; 2nd - 3x1,2x 0.15 m. There are 625 loggias in total. The roof is soft, rolled; drain internal. Garbage chute with a loading valve on interfloor landings. Valves are located through one floor. In total there are 6 pits in the building. In the axes "7-8", "30-32", "43-44" and "67-68" there are entrance pits to the technical underground (4 pcs.) With dimensions of 3000x1000x1200 mm. In the axes "1-2" and "72-73" there are light pits (2 pcs.) with dimensions of 2000x1000x1200 mm without concrete stairs. The foundations are prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks. External walls - expanded clay concrete hinged panels 340mm thick. Internal bearing walls - Reinforced concrete panels 180 and 140 mm thick.