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Construction of an understudy bridge for the period of reconstruction of the bridge

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of an understudy bridge as the first stage of the bridge reconstruction.
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Bridge dimension: Г-8,0+2x0,75
Bridge layout: 3x14,0 m;
Bridge length: 42,1m;

General information.

Estimated loads on the superstructure H-10, NG-60. The superstructure consists of five metal packages, united by transverse braces. The packages consist of two rolled I-beams united by transverse and diagonal braces; Channel supports - piled from a metal pipe ø325mm, L=12,0m; The structure of the channel supports is a double-row pile made of metal pipes 12,0 m long, filled with monolithic reinforced concrete on site. Pipe diameter 325mm, pipe wall thickness 10mm, steel C345. Filling is taken from B25 F200 W8 ​​concrete and reinforcement cage. The piles are interconnected by ties from metal corners and gussets by welding. The support ties are metal from corners 200x125 11mm thick, steel C345. The gussets are made of thick sheet steel C345. A prefabricated metal nozzle from channels No. 30 is installed on the support, which is attached to the support by welding. Rubber-metal bearing parts are provided on the nozzle in the places where the span structure is supported. The combination of the superstructure with adapter plates is arranged for the width of the carriageway. The union consists of a pipe with a diameter of 325 mm, gussets and a sheet of flat steel. Gussets are welded to the pipe from 4 sides, a sheet 4500 mm long is welded to the gussets from the side of the carriageway. This design is installed with free gussets on the heads of the piles of the fence wall. Along the length of the bridge, the sheet is laid with one end on the bridge deck, the other on the adapter plates. The design of a metal span structure according to the 3x14m scheme was developed in relation to the standard project "The simplest bridges of small spans from rolled products" of the Kiev branch of "Soyuzdorproekt", 1960 under the loads N-10 and NG-60 and is shown in the drawing 21-PIR / 17-OPR-MP . The superstructure consists of eighteen all-imported metal packages MP1-3pcs, MP2-3pcs, MP3-3pcs, MP4-3pcs, MP5-3pcs. For the manufacture of the main beams of the metal package, metal rolled I-section No. 55 B1 according to GOST 26020-83 * is used. The packages are interconnected with the help of spacers for welding. The superstructure has ten support axes. The superstructure rests on rubber-metal bearing parts, which are located at the bearing points on the nozzle. All metal elements of the superstructure are primed with XC-068 primer and coated with XB-124 enamel (or equivalents) for 2 times. The bridge deck consists of cross-beams - a wooden half-beam h = 10 cm (60 m and 8,0 m long), which is laid on a metal superstructure and every third cross-beam is fastened with five pawl bolts from different sides of the beam.