Off-street elevated pedestrian crossing project

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Overhead pedestrian crossing project

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Price $900.00
Index: 6.165.298
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Off-street pedestrian crossing

Design documentation, including estimates, and results of engineering surveys for the construction of an off-street pedestrian crossing on the Tallinn Highway
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Type of construction: New construction
Estimated load class, kg/m2: 400
Pedestrian crossing scheme: Continuous (9,15 + 11,45 + 4 x 11,5 + 11,59) + 57,523 + (11,59 + 4 x 11,5 + 2 x 11,45 + 5,75) m
Number of ramps, pcs.: 2
Number of staircases, pcs.: 2
Length of the pedestrian crossing (along the axis), m: 234
Length of the main span, m: 57,523
Ramps length, m: 176,477
Length of stairs (in projection), m: 34,94
Pedestrian crossing width, m: 3,6
Width of stairs, m: 2,2
Pedestrian crossing area, m2: 919,3
Area of ​​the main span, m2: 207,1
Area of ​​ramps, m2: 635,3
Area of ​​staircases, m2: 76,9
Underbridge clearance, m: 5,5
Roadway restoration area, m2: 2822,6
Improvement area, m2: 2337,4
restoration of disturbed landscaping, m2: 706,4
The length of the rain sewer, m: 170,3
Removal of communication cables, m: 467,5
Reorganization of outdoor lighting, m: 141
Removal of cable lines, m: 176
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 13531,37
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 11004,53
Equipment, thousand rubles:
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 2526,84
PIR thousand rubles: 996,25
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 78,18
Estimated cost at the current price level for June 2011 (including VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 85548,83
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 72757,24
Equipment, thousand rubles
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 12791,59
PIR, thousand rubles: 4521,88
VAT, thousand rubles: 12974,37
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 494,92

Constructive decisions

The elevated pedestrian crossing (EPC) is intended mainly to ensure the safety of pedestrians visiting the Lenta hypermarket located in the immediate vicinity. NPP is designed for the following live loads: pedestrian load (according to SNiP 2.05.03-84*); other temporary loads and impacts: snow load, wind load, temperature effects (according to SNiP 2.05.03-84*, SNiP 2.01.07-85*); emergency impact on the “cable break”. In terms of plan, the overpass has a Z-shape, consists of the main span, located on a curve, consisting of two arcs with a radius of 47 m and two ramps, located on parallel straight lines. The extreme spans of the ramps have 180° turns. Overpass scheme 9,15 + 11,45 + 4 x 11,5 + 11,59 + 57,523 + 11,59 + 4 x 11,5 + 2 x 11,45 + 5,75 m. The total length of the overpass along the axis is 234 , 644 m. The overpass is a frame structure. The ramps are designed in the form of reinforced concrete superstructures, rigidly embedded in the pillars of the supports. The part of the superstructure crossing the Tallinn Highway is designed as steel-reinforced concrete, supported by flexible hangers fixed on the arch. The span of the arch is 56,041 m, the boom of the arch is 17,5 m. reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 5,5 m. The arch is made of a pipe Ø0,08 mm. Flexible hangers - from elements of high-strength reinforcement such as Freyssinet. The steel-reinforced concrete span structure of the overpass is rigidly connected to the reinforced concrete span structures of the ramps, which will ensure the geometric invariability of the structure. The span structures of the ramps are reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 820 m. Construction material: In the main span: Longitudinal, transverse beams and arches - C345-09G2S. Guys are elements of high-strength reinforcement of the Fryssinet type. Reinforced concrete slab - B35 F200 W8 ​​In ramp spans: Reinforced concrete slab of the walkway and supports - B35 F200 W8. The metal structures of the span structure are protected from corrosion by painting with paints and varnishes in accordance with STO 001-2006 of Transstroy Group of Companies LLC. The pavement of the walkway on the ramps and in the main span is made of 0,04 m thick concrete of increased water resistance and frost resistance. Drainage is carried out due to the longitudinal slope. The design of the supports of the ramps is rack-mounted. The diameter of the posts is 0,5 m, the foundations are made of bored piles 0,5 m. The supports of the main span have an L-shape along the facade and are made of reinforced concrete on a natural foundation. For the movement of pedestrians, in addition to ramps, stairways are also provided. Considerable attention in the project documentation is paid to the issues of operation and current maintenance of the NPP, which is especially important due to the fact that the transition is made open, without a gallery.