Typical project of a kindergarten 2s-04-8


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Project 2с-04-8

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Design, working documentation, including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of a kindergarten, standard project 2s-04-8
Technical and economic indicators.
Total area of ​​premises, m2: 1794,6
Total volume of the building, m3: 7178
The volume of the underground part of the building, m3: 177,0
Floors: 2
Built-up area of ​​the building, m2: 1140,4
Plot area, m2: 11534,0
Height (architectural), m: 7,74
Capacity, people: 280

General information.

The project provides for a major overhaul of the kindergarten, made according to the standard project 2s-04-8. The functional purpose of the building is an institution for the education of children preschool age. The space-planning solution was developed on the basis of the functional schemes in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements technological connection of premises. The building is H-shaped in plan. The size of the building in plan in the axes A-E / 1-6 is 36,4 × 42,4 m. The height of the building is 5,62 m (from the lower level of the surface of the passage for fire engines to the lower limit opening window). The total height of the building is 7,78 m. The height of the basement - 2,4 m, floor height - 3,30 m. For a relative mark of 0,000, the mark of the finished floor of the first floor was taken, corresponding to the absolute mark of 164,95. The main entrance to the building with a porch is located in axes 3-4 along axis B. At the entrance a vestibule with a depth of 2,45 m and a width of 2,20 m was designed for the building. Near the main entrance there is a place for strollers and sleds, sheltered from the rain. Structural system of the building - longitudinal-wall - vertical load-bearing structures are external and internal load-bearing brick longitudinal walls. The spatial rigidity of the building is provided by the rigidity foundations, stability and rigidity of load-bearing brick walls, transverse walls of stairwells, as well as hard disks of ceilings and coatings made of precast concrete slabs. Foundations are tape on a natural basis, consist of a monolithic w.b. soles and three rows of prefabricated concrete blocks type FBS width: under external walls - 600 mm, for internal walls - 400 mm. Depth foundations from the level of the finished floor - 3,35 m. The walls of the building are made of solid silicate bricks on cement-sand solution. The thickness of the walls is: external - 640 mm. Plinth part The walls are made of solid ceramic bricks. The exterior finish is designed by a facade insulation system with protectivedecorative layer of thin-layer plaster with thermal insulation made of mineral wool boards with subsequent painting with facade silicate paints. TECHNOFAS mineral wool boards are used as a heater. The internal walls are made of silicate bricks on cement-sand solution. Wall thickness 380 mm. The existing partitions are made of ceramic and silicate solid brick on cement-sand mortar 120 mm thick, designed are made of tongue-and-groove slabs. The floors and roof of the building are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete. multi-hollow slabs of the PK-59 and PTK-59 types according to the II-03-2 series. The plates are based on bearing walls on both sides. The height of the plates is 220 mm, the width of the plates is 1,2 m. Lintels of openings in walls and partitions - prefabricated reinforced concrete factory made. Vertical communication between floors is carried out by internal stairs located in the axes: B-G / 1-2 and B-G / 5-6. Stairs are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete flights of stairs with landings according to the II-03-2 series. Covering of the building - combined low-slope with organized external drain.