Standard project 212-2-3lG

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Standard project 212-2-3lG

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of the kindergarten building standard design 212-2-3lG
Technical and economic indicators:
Total area 2611,2 m2,
Main building (2 floors): 1094,5 m2
Main building (1 floors): 691,6 m2
Basement: 1765,4 m2

General information.

The kindergarten building was built according to the standard project 212-2-3lG, in plan it consists of five volumes (rectangular blocks) planted on one axis (corridor) in a checkerboard pattern. The building has a variable number of storeys - one or two floors. The height of one-story volumes is 4,25 m, the height of two-story volumes is 7,91 m. There is a basement under the entire perimeter of the building. Basement height - 2,28 m; floor height (1-2 floors) - 3,1 m (from the mark of the finished floor to the ceiling). The level of the clean floor of the first floor of the building is taken as 0.000. The outer walls of the building are made of reinforced concrete blocks, part of the window openings are laid with aerated concrete blocks. The roof is flat with a parapet fence around the entire perimeter of the building, the roof covering is a 3-layer roofing carpet on mastic, the parapets are covered with metal. Lighting elements are placed on the facade of the building. Existing white PVC window units with double glazing, as well as white painted wooden units with double glazing. Existing entrance door blocks - metal, deaf, brown. There are ventilation openings on the facades of the building.


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