The project for the overhaul of the building of the kindergarten model project VI-06

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Model design VI-06

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of the kindergarten standard project VI-06
Technical and economic indicators.
Total volume of the building: 4551 m3;
Building area: 1040,5 m2;
Number of floors: 2;
Dimensions in axes: 20,5x41,4m.

General information.

The building of the kindergarten is made according to the standard project VI-06, C-shaped. The dimensions in the axes "A-E" / "1-8" are 20,5x41,4 m. The building is two-story, with load-bearing brick walls. The outer walls are plastered only from the inside. Ceilings - from prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow core slabs. The roof of the building is multi-gable with a cold attic. Bearing structures - wooden, attic floor. Covering - asbestos-cement sheets (slate) without waterproofing. Drainage - external organized. Floor height -3,1m; the height of the attic space is variable, the maximum height is 1470-2270mm (under the ridge). The building has 4 group cells (two on each floor), as well as auxiliary rooms: specialized rooms for group classes, a catering unit, a block of medical premises, and administration offices.