The project for the overhaul of the kindergarten building standard project 2Р-04-30

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Typical project of a kindergarten 2Р-04-30

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of the kindergarten standard project 2Р-04-30
Technical and economic indicators.
Capacity, people: 200
Number of groups, pcs.: 10
Land area, m2: 5870,69
Floors, fl.: 2
Construction volume of the building, m3: 10487,28
including underground part, m3: 2889,41
Building area, m2: 1216
Water consumption in kindergarten, m3/day: 26,25
including for hot water supply, m3/day: 8,750
Heat consumption, total, Gcal/hour: 0,3033
including for heating, Gcal/hour: 0,0963
for ventilation, Gcal/hour: 0,036
for hot water supply, Gcal/hour: 0,171
Estimated electric power, kW: 120,88

General information.

The overhauled building of the kindergarten was made according to the standard project 2P-04-30, at the time of the design of the overhaul it is used for its intended purpose. The building is two-story, two-section, with a warm one-story transition between sections. In the building of the kindergarten there are 9 groups of different ages (with a capacity of 20 people each). The building is also equipped with a catering unit, a medical unit and a laundry room, as well as additional office space, sports and music halls. The outer walls of the building are currently made of clay ceramic bricks, in some places of silicate bricks, without finishing layers, the roof is low-slope pitched with slag insulation. It is planned to insulate the exterior walls of the building with mineral wool insulation to bring them in line with Federal Law-261 “On Energy Efficiency”, to protect the insulation, it is planned to install a finishing layer of porcelain stoneware tiles, it is also planned to insulate the building’s coating with mineral wool insulation and replace the roof, overhaul engineering systems, etc. work.


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