Kindergarten overhaul project model project VI-12A

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Kindergarten standard project VI-12A

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Project for a comprehensive overhaul of a kindergarten, standard project VI-12A
Technical and economic indicators of the construction object:
Year Built: 1962
Number of floors, fl.: 2
Total building area, m2: 1071,4
Construction volume, m3: 5262.5
Building area, m2: 867.6

General information.

Kindergarten building 2-storey without basement and attic, built according to the standard project VI-12A. The outer walls are made of brick, 400 mm thick. bearing structures are external and internal walls. Facades are lined ceramic stone and plastered in the process of exploitation. Socle oshtokathuren and painted. The outer walls are brick load-bearing. Outside lined with thick ceramic stone, plastered during operation. The total thickness of the outer walls is 540mm. Internal walls - brick load-bearing 440-530mm thick. There are vents in the inner walls. channels. Lined with ceramic stoneplastered during operation. The plinth is plastered and painted. External walls - clay brick M75, ceramic stone M100. The inner walls are clay brick M75. Mortar cement-sand M50.