Kindergarten overhaul project model project VI-12

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Kindergarten typical project VI-12

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Project for a comprehensive overhaul of a kindergarten, standard project VI-12
Technical and economic indicators of the construction object:
Year of construction: 1964
Number of floors: 2 floors with technical underground basement under part of the building
Total area, m2: 1872,5,0
Construction volume, m3: 6958,0
Building area, m2: 1017,2
Occupancy, people: children -106, adults -30.

General information.

The kindergarten building is 2-storey with a technical underground and a basement under part of the building. It was built in 1964 according to the standard project of the VI-12 series. External walls are brick, load-bearing, 540 mm thick. The internal walls are brick, load-bearing, 420 mm thick. Ceilings - prefabricated reinforced concrete. The roof is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs of the “PPS” type covering in the area of ​​the verandas, wooden on wooden rafters with a section of 60x200mm with a step of 600mm. Roofing from rolled materials with unorganized drainage. The facades are faced with red silicate bricks, masonry with jointing. The plinth is plastered and painted. There are 8 entrances to the kindergarten from the street - 1 main, 1 spare, 1 for the catering department, 4 additional from the group, 1 from the sports and music hall. The main entrance (administrative) is located in axes 4-5 along the D axis. Each group cell has an emergency exit to the street. For wheelchair access to the 1st floor, a ramp is provided. Vertical connection is carried out by 2 ladders. The premises of the garden can be divided into the following functional groups: group cells, specialists' premises, a sports and music hall, a medical unit, a catering unit. On the 1st floor there are: a security room, a medical unit, bathrooms, incl. a bathroom for the disabled, a catering unit with a separate loading entrance, a sports and music hall with a separate projected exit to the outside, an inventory and 3 group cells with younger children staying: a nursery group; group of younger age and middle age. As well as the office of the supply manager, the methodological office and the office of the manager; On the 1st floor there are dirty and clean linen. On the 2nd floor there are 3 groups of older children: the older group, the preparatory group, the short stay group and the psychologist / speech therapist's office. Each group cell of the kindergarten has two dispersed evacuation exits.