Project for the construction of a prefabricated fire station for 4 vehicles

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Fire station for 4 cars

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Prefabricated fire station building for 4 vehicles
Project documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of a fire station for 4 vehicles
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Floors - 2
Usable area - 1367,80 m2
The total area of ​​the building is 1430,0 m2
Estimated area - 1163,0 m2
Construction volume - 8086,5 m3

General information.
The object under design is a detached two-story prefabricated building, located in a separate areaThe facility was designed specifically to accommodate a fire station for 4 vehicles, with a staff of 40 peopleThe architectural appearance of the building fully reflects its purpose. Color solution facades are made in beige-scarlet tones. Entrances to the building are through the entrance groups made of metal racks and a visor. The outer walls are made of sandwich panels, 200 mm thick. The roof is membrane, oval, with a slope of 20ᵒ. The internal volume of the building: on the 1st floor there are offices for management personnel, an assembly hall, a communication point, offices for instructors and instructing the population, a GZDS post. Also on the 1st floor there is a fire equipment room with adjoining premises: maintenance post, hose section, fire equipment storeroom. On 2 floor there is a complex for personnel on duty shift.

Space-planning solutions.

The building is designed with a full steel frame of frames formed by columns. and beams. Sustainability is ensured by a system of vertical and horizontal links and hard drives of monolithic reinforced concrete floors according to the profiled sheet used in as a fixed formwork. Along the perimeter of the building, an asphalt concrete pavement with a width of 1000 mm is provided. Internal walls: Brick partitions made of solid clay brick M150 on mortar M75 200 mm thick, reinforced with horizontal grids with a cell of 50x50 d = 4 mm Vr 4 every 3-4 rows; Aerated concrete partitions - 150 mm; Install brick and tongue-and-groove partitions on a layer of cement-sand solution of composition 1:2 with a thickness of 20 mm, bring to the coating structures with a gap of 20 mm; caulk the gap with tow soaked in the solution and seal it with cement-sand mortar (or vetonite) on both sides; Roof - oval, combined with PVC membrane ALKOPLAN F 35276 CIS, insulation Rockwool Roof Butts B-50 mm and Ruf Butts H-150 mm, vapor barrier ALKOPLUS 81012 and corrugated board made of galvanized steel H75-750-0,9. The project provides for windows and stained-glass windows in PVC profiles, painted in RAL color 7004 (gray), with double-glazed windows with heat-reflecting coatings. External metal doors, insulated. Doors internal - wooden, PVC.