The project of a sports and recreation complex in Revit

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FOC in Revit (BIM)

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Price $2,140.00
Index: 02112001
Data Sheet: Working documentation, BIM model
Sections: according to composition
Data volume: 680 MB
File Format: *.ifc, *.rvt
The project for the construction of a sports and recreation complex (FOC) in Revit (BIM).
Presented for sale is a digital information model for the construction of a sports and recreation complex, the level of study is LOD 500, the stage "Working documentation".
Technical and economic indicators of the construction object:
Building area of ​​the projected building: 3022,65 m2
Total area: 6377,09 m2
Construction volume, including: 52049,35 m3
below 0.000 mark (underground part): 6008,14 m3
above 0.000 mark (aerial part): 46041,21 m3
Floors: 3nd floor
Number of floors, fl.: 6
Building height (from ground level): 22,9 m

Brief characteristics of the digital information model.

The project of the sports and recreation complex was made using the Revit software package. The digital information model is divided into several models (submodels), due to the nature of the volume of files. All submodels of the FOC project model in Revit provide a guaranteed collection of them into a single OCS body by section. The BIM model of the FOC building at the stage of preparation "Detailed documentation" has a level of study of LOD 500.

Brief characteristics of the construction object.

The building of the sports and recreation complex is three-story with a basement, as well as a technological underground. The dimension of the building in the axes is 58.80 x 53.70 m. According to GOST 27751-2014, the designed building belongs to the 2nd class of construction KS-2, the level of responsibility is normal, the reliability factor for responsibility is 1.0. The structural system of the building is frame frame. The building is divided by expansion joints into 2 blocks. Structural and space-planning solutions for the sports and recreation complex were adopted in accordance with the received design assignment, as well as the specified operational, technological loads and climatic influences, provided for by SP 20.13330.2016. The calculation of building structures was carried out in the Lira-Sapr software package, which implements the finite element method. The Sapphire program was used to assemble the design scheme. All lamellar building structures (slabs, walls) were modeled with plates and flat shells, rod structures (columns, beams) were modeled with rods. Depending on the nature of the conjugation of building structures, their connections were modeled with hinges, rigid connections and elastic connections. The joint calculation of the frame with the base was implemented using the Soil module. Volumetric and architectural solutions of the designed building are aimed at creating a comfortable and cozy environment for the training process in basketball, volleyball, handball, judo, mini football, sambo, sports aerobics, as well as for the most efficient use of the site, taking into account the required indicators of natural lighting for normalized building premises. Planning decisions are taken from the principles of the technological layout of groups of premises and the features of their internal relationships and parameters. The architectural composition is determined by the urban planning features of the site, its configuration and location, the existing surrounding buildings and the use of the most effective design scheme. In the basement are located: ITP; water meter; cable room. On the ground floor there are: a central vestibule with a vestibule, a security post, bathrooms for visitors, incl. universal sanitary cabins for MGN, rooms for cleaning equipment, a wardrobe for trainees, coaching rooms with bathrooms, a medical unit (a first aid room, a universal sanitary cabin, a room for cleaning equipment and storage of disinfectants).