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FOC project

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Index: 25072302
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 658 MB
File Format: *.dwg, *.doc
Expert opinion: positive 2021
Project documentation including estimates for the construction of a sports and recreation complex
Technical and economic indicators
Land area, m2: 4800,0
Floors, number of floors, pcs.: 2, 3
Building area, m2: 1700,4
Total area, m2: 2552,8
Construction volume, m3: 22911

General information.

The volumetric and spatial structure of the building is made taking into account the zoning of sports functional areas, the isolation of sports halls from each other, lighting, ventilation and the possibility of pedestrian communication inside the building, including visitors with disabilities (MHN). The width of the building in axes A-Zh is 27,5 meters, the length of the building in axes 1-11 is 56,6 meters, the total height of the building from the zero mark to the top of the roof is 12,49 m. The height of the operated part of the basement is 2,9 meters. The height of the first and second floors is 3,6 meters. Corridors with a width of at least 1,8 meters (SP 59.13330.2012. n 5.2.1). For communication between floors, internal staircases are made. The width of the flights of stairs is 1,4 meters (the width is taken into account the installation of the fence), the slope of the stairs is 1:2. The width of stairs and intermediate platforms is not less than 1,4 m. Step width 300 mm. height 150 mm. (SP 118.13330.2012. 6.9). The doors leading to the staircase are double-leaf, in the open state they do not reduce the width of the landings. Fencing of flights of stairs 1,2 meters high, taking into account the visit of the complex by younger visitors. Staircases are made with independent exit directly to the outside, with the installation of insulated doors. The exits from the stairwells to the outside are intended only for evacuation (SP 118.13330.2012 p. 4.24). In accordance with (SP 59.13330.2012 p. 5.2.7), under flights of stairs and other overhanging elements that have a size up to a clear height of less than 1,9 m, fences are provided with a height of 1,2 m. The main entrance to the building is made on one side in axes 3 4 along axis A from the main facade of the building with an entrance group, an external staircase and a ramp for unhindered visits by visitors to the MGN. The main entrance to the building is equipped with a vestibule. The depth of the vestibule is at least 2,3 meters (SP 59.13330.2016 p. 6.1.8). External stairs are equipped with metal railings 0,9 meters high (SP 118.13330.2012 para. 6.5). Ramps with a slope of 1:20 are made at the main entrance to the building and on the evacuation routes. The ramp is equipped with handrails on both sides. The height of the ramp fence is 0,9-0,7 m. The width of the ramp is 0,9 m. The width between the handrails of the ramp is -1,0 m. In the upper and lower parts of the ramp there are horizontal platforms measuring 1,5x1,5m (p. 5.2.13 SP 59.13330.2012). A metal bumper is installed along the bottom of the handrail. The main premises of the complex (gyms) are located on the first and second floors. The gym is 11,5 meters wide and 12,1 meters long. Universal hall 20,55 meters wide, 36,0 meters long, height to the bottom of protruding structures min 7,0 meters (SP 383.1325800.2018 tab. 9.1). Martial arts hall (training sessions) 12,1 meters wide, 17,5 meters long, height to the bottom of the protruding structures min 4,0 meters. (SP 383.1325800.2018 tab. 10.1). Sports events or competitions are held in the universal hall. The configuration of all sports halls is rectangular. Premises with permanent workplaces (medical office, coaching, administrative) have natural lighting. From the basement and halls of the first floor there are independent exits to the adjacent territory. In the space of the universal sports hall there is a tribune for 150 seats for spectators. The tribune is inclined, with a three-row arrangement of seats, located on an elevation from the floor.


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