Hotel project with underground parking (garage)

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Hotel with underground parking (garage)

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Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Plot area within the land allotment, ha: 2,2748
Building area, m2: 1
Total building area, m2: 9
Construction volume, including: m3: 36
above-ground part, m3: 30426,0
underground part, m3: 5
Floors, fl.: 9
Hotel rooms, pcs.: 133
Parking spaces, pcs.: 30

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The designed hotel building with a built-in - attached underground parking (garage) and a transformer substation attached to the entrance to the parking lot - 9-storey with a technical attic, rectangular in plan, with dimensions (above-ground part) in the extreme axes 33,1 x 28,8 m. Height building from the planning mark of the ground to the top of the parapet - 37,57 m. For the relative mark of 0,000, the level of the finished floor of the first floor, corresponding to the absolute mark of 27.25, is taken. The main entrance to the hotel is designed from the side of the street. In the basement at elevations -4,200 and -3,300, the following are planned: parking for 30 cars, 2 storerooms for cleaning equipment, a room for cleaning machines and engineering rooms (2 ITPs, 2 ventilation chambers, a pumping station, a main switchboard). The exit from the basement is provided directly to the street. The entrance-exit to the parking lot is designed along a covered ramp from the side of the vehicle access zone (private cars, sightseeing buses). The height of the premises in cleanliness (from floor to ceiling) - 3,86, 2,98 m. On the 1st floor at around 0,000, the following are designed: a lobby, a meeting room, a security room, a room for the operation and administration service, a luggage room, a staff wardrobe, pantries for cleaning equipment and consumables, a laundry room, as well as a non-food store with a pantry for hotel guests, a cafe on 30 seats with industrial premises, bathrooms, waste collection chamber, engineering and technical premises (main switchboard, ventilation chamber). Floor height - 4,8 m. From the 2nd to the 9th floor, residential rooms (in the amount of 133) of various sizes with balconies are designed. On all floors, except for the rooms, there are storage rooms for clean and dirty linen with a linen duct, a bathroom for staff. On the 2nd floor at +4,800, in addition to the above-mentioned premises, the following are designed: an ironing room, a staff wardrobe and a shower room. Floor height - 3,0 m. In the technical loft at elevation +31,000, the following are designed: an elevator machine room and a communication center. The height of the attic in cleanliness (from floor to ceiling) is 2,2 m. 2 stairwells of type L1 and 3 elevators were designed - 2 passenger ones with a carrying capacity of 1000 kg (with the possibility of transporting a person on a stretcher) and 1 with a carrying capacity of 630 kg for MGN. There is a descent of one passenger elevator (capacity of 1000 kg) to the underground car park. On the roof at elevation +32,400, 2 supply ventilation chambers are designed. The roof of the hotel building is flat with an internal drain. Roofing - rolled (2 layers of isoplast). The cover of the attached part of the underground car park is flat with an external drain. The protective coating of the rolled roof is concrete paving slabs. Finishing of external walls from the 1st to the 9th floor - ceramic granite slabs in four colors. Finishing of the plinth - slabs of natural granite. Partitions in the basement and on the 1st floor - from solid brick 120, 250 mm thick, between the rooms - three-layer - from two layers of tongue-and-groove slabs 80 mm thick with a min-slab 40 mm thick between them. Window openings are filled with a metal-plastic profile filled with double-glazed windows. Stained-glass windows - aluminum profile filled with double-glazed windows. The building of the transformer substation for the hotel is one-story, rectangular in plan, with dimensions in the extreme axes of 10,5 x 4,5 m. The height of the transformer substation building from the planning ground level to the top of the parapet is 4,510 m. For the relative mark of 0,000, the level of the clean floor of the first floor of the hotel, corresponding to the absolute mark of 27.25, is taken. At the level of 0,000, a room for the installation of transformers and high-voltage switchgears and a room for the installation of 0,4 kV switchgears are designed. The cover is flat with an organized external drain. Roofing - rolled (Uniflex). Finishing of external walls - porcelain tiles. Plinth - granite slabs. The openings are filled with metal louvres. External doors - steel hinged, overhead sectional doors. The project documentation provides for measures to ensure the accessibility of the hotel building for the disabled and people with limited mobility (LGM). At the entrance to the building, a ramp is designed with a slope of 8%. Entrance vestibules - 2,15 deep and 2,8 m wide. The width of the doorways of the entrances to the building and the entrances to the elevator halls is at least 1,3 m. On the 2nd floor, two rooms for the disabled in wheelchairs are designed. Access for the disabled and other people with disabilities is organized on the 2nd floor using a passenger elevator with a cabin size of 1100 x 1400 mm and a door width of 900 mm. There is a fireproof area for the disabled. A universal bathroom for the disabled has been designed with dimensions of 2,7 x 1,99 m. There are 3 handicapped parking spaces in the outdoor parking lot.

Structural and space-planning solutions

The level of responsibility of the building is normal. The hotel building with an underground car park was designed according to the column-wall design scheme of monolithic reinforced concrete B25. The attached part of the underground car park is separated from the hotel building by a temperature-sedimentary seam. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of vertical load-bearing elements (columns, walls and walls) in combination with hard disks of floors and roofs. Vertical load-bearing elements - columns with a section of 400x400 mm, load-bearing walls, piers and walls of stairwells and elevator units with a thickness of 160 mm and 200 mm. The outer walls of the basement are monolithic reinforced concrete, 300 mm thick, made of B25 concrete; W8; F100 with an outer layer of insulation and cladding. Ceilings and roofing of the building - monolithic reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 200 mm with thermal breaks along the perimeter of the outer walls in the area where the balconies are located with concrete grade for frost resistance F100. Covering of the attached part of the underground car park - monolithic reinforced concrete slabs 300 mm thick made of concrete B25; W8; F100. The external non-bearing walls of the building are multi-layered, with floor-by-floor support on floor slabs, from a layer of hollow brick M150 on mortar M100 250 mm thick, a layer of insulation and external cladding with a ventilated facade system and, in part, in the form of stained glass glazing. The plinth of the outer walls is made of solid brick M150 on mortar M100, insulation and external cladding with natural granite slabs. Structural solutions for fastening the ventilated facade system to the supporting structures of the building are developed in the working documentation in accordance with the current technical certificate of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. The project documentation provides for the insulation and cladding of the external sections of load-bearing reinforced concrete walls and piers with a ventilation facade system. Stairs - prefabricated reinforced concrete marches, based on monolithic reinforced concrete platforms. The walls of the elevator shafts are monolithic reinforced concrete, 160 mm thick. The calculation of the building structures was performed using the Stark ES 2012 software package, taking into account the joint work with the foundation. The relative mark of 0.000 is taken as the absolute mark of 27.25. The foundations are taken on a pile foundation, the piles are bored, with a diameter of 420 mm, the working length of the piles is 14,50 m (hotel building) and 9,50 m (attached part of the underground garage); absolute elevation of the pile tip 7.95 and 12.95; concrete B25; W6; F150. The design load on the pile is assumed to be 100 tf (hotel building) and 68 tf (attached part of the underground car park). Before mass piling, the bearing capacity of the piles will be checked by static tests. Grills - in the form of free-standing slabs (under the frame columns) and strips (under load-bearing walls) 600 mm thick, united by a monolithic reinforced concrete slab 300 mm thick made of B25 concrete; W8; F150. Pairing of piles and grillage is rigid. Under the grillages, a concrete preparation 100 mm thick is provided on the soil compacted with crushed stone. At the base of the tip of the piles there are sandy loamy, silty, plastic, with gravel and pebbles up to 10% (EGE 4) with design characteristics: E = 130 kgf/cm2; e=0,412; IL=0,18 and silty dense sands (EGE 3) with design characteristics: E=280 kgf/cm2; e=0,550. In order to protect underground structures from groundwater, the concrete grade for water resistance is W8, waterstops are provided in the concreting joints, and a device for waterproofing the penetrating action of the outer surfaces of the foundations in contact with the ground is provided. The maximum draft of the hotel building is 11 mm; roll - 0,0003. The building of the attached transformer substation is designed with external walls made of B3.0 aerated concrete blocks; D500 300 mm thick with insulation and cladding with a ventilated facade system. The base of the floor is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab 160 mm thick made of B25 concrete, based on strip foundations and cable channel walls. The roof of the building is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab made of concrete B25 with a thickness of 160 mm. Foundations for the outer walls of the building - tape from monolithic reinforced concrete B25; W8; F150. Cable channels - from monolithic reinforced concrete B25; W8 (wall and bottom thickness 200 mm). Under the foundations, a device for concrete preparation on a sand cushion with layer-by-layer compaction is provided. At the base of the sand cushion there are dense silty sands (EGE 3). Design solutions provide for the device of coating waterproofing of concrete structures in contact with the ground. The relative mark of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute mark of 27.35. In the 30-meter risk zone from the construction of the designed building (at a distance of ~28 meters) there is a four-story building of an open parking garage built in the 2000s.


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