The project for the overhaul of the kindergarten building standard project 2-04-45

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Kindergarten standard project 2-04-45

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
Sections: AS, VK, OV, PZ, EM, EO, Estimates
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Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of a kindergarten-nursery for 100 places standard design 2-04-45

The building is an existing two-story building with a basement. The building's constructive fire hazard class is C0. Class of functional fire hazard of the building - F 1.1. The degree of fire resistance of the building is II (Table 6.12 SP 2.13130).

Information about the resource requirement of the object.

Total water consumption: cold - 1,074 m / day; hot - 1,297 m3/day.
Water disposal unit - 2,147 m / day.
Heat consumption - 0,1272 Gcal/h, including:
- for heating - 0,0344 Gcal/h;
- for ventilation - 0,0215 Gcal/h;
- for hot water supply - 0,0713 Gcal/h.
Estimated electrical power - 47,696 kW.

Technical and economic indicators:

Number of overground floors pcs. 2
Height of floors - basement m 2,33
- first m 3,4
- second m 3,2
Building area, m2: 546,6
including porches, ramp and met. stairs, m2: 115,9
Total area, m2: 909,59
Usable area, m2: 635,42
Estimated area, m2: 56,47
Construction volume, m3: 3955,9
including: below el. 0,000, m3: 550,7