Standard project of the school 222-1-322 (222-1-322/79)

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Standard project of the school 222-1-322 (222-1-322/79)

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Price $2,140.00
Index: 15012200
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
Sections: Comprehensive overhaul of the school (all sections)
Data volume: 680 MB
File Format: *.dwg, *.doc
Working documentation including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of a typical school 222-1-322 (222-1-322 / 79).
Model project 222-1-322 (222-1-322 / 79) Ten-year comprehensive school for 40 classes (1568 students) with extended day groups
Technical and economic indicators.
Building area, m2: 3290.0
Building volume, m3: 28486 (overground part)
Construction volume, m3: 4312 (underground part)
Total area of ​​the building, m2: 7903 (overground part)
Total area of ​​the building, m2: 3120 (underground part)

General information.

The object is a three-storey building with a complex configuration in plan with a technical underground, made according to the standard project 222-1-322 (222-1-322/79). The overall dimensions of the building in terms of - 104020 × 77040 mm. Structural system of the building: pile foundations with reinforced concrete grillage, pitch 6000 and 3000mm; walls of the technical underground - prefabricated reinforced concrete blocks, hinged plinth panels; constructive scheme above el. 0.000 - reinforced concrete frame of columns and crossbars with a pitch of 6000mm and 3000mm; external walls - hinged claydite-concrete panels 320 mm thick. Ceilings - reinforced concrete multi-hollow and ribbed slabs; floors - concrete covered with ceramic tiles, linoleum and pvc tiles. Lintels - prefabricated reinforced concrete; window blocks - wooden, partially metal-plastic; door blocks - metal, wooden; roof - combined with a protective coating of welded rolled materials with an internal drain; internal stairs - prefabricated monolithic reinforced concrete; interior decoration - lime whitewashing of the ceilings, "acmigrand" hanging tiles according to recreations, walls - oil painting, ceramic tiling, wallpapering, lime whitewashing in the storerooms; external: evacuation, and stairs on the roof - metal; porches of entrances - concrete from concrete, porch of the main entrance - concrete tiles; exterior finishing of facades - mosaic tiles on hinged wall concrete panels of prefabricated production.