standard project of the school 2C-02-10

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School. Standard project 2С-02-10

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Index: 11.172.288
Data Sheet: Working draft
Sections: Some sections: AR, GP, POS, PZ
Data volume: 45 MB
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Educational institution. Standard project of the school 2C-02-10
Project documentation with an estimate for a comprehensive overhaul of the State Educational Establishment "Secondary School"
Technical and economic indicators
Plot area, m2: 22470,0
Building area, m2: 2456,0
Total building area, m2: 5530,40
Construction volume, m3: 18530,30
The total estimated cost in March 2007 prices, thousand rubles: 163179,00
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 155186,51
Equipment, thousand rubles: 4644,67

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The school building was built in 1972 according to the standard project 2C-02-10 "Universal building of a general education school for 32 classrooms (1280 students)". The building is detached, in terms of H-shape, consists of a two-story building with general school premises and a four-story building with classrooms. The building is located in a residential development area. The western façade with the main entrance faces the street. From the side of the southern and northern facades there are entrances overlooking the courtyards of the school, with porches and awnings. The working draft takes into account the nomenclature and organizational and pedagogical structure of the school, located in a universal building. The composition of the premises is designed in accordance with their purpose, capacity and taking into account the grouping of premises into sections and groups. The working draft provides: partial redevelopment of premises from the basement to 4 floors; device for external waterproofing of foundation walls; installation of a new staircase PK TYPE 1 in axes C, 20-22 from metal structures with glazing for evacuation from the 3rd and 4th floors; organization of an emergency entrance-exit to the basement in axes G, 5-7; arrangement of an emergency exit from the basement from the side of the northern facade with a hole punched along axis 1 between the axes C-D; the device of new porches for the organization of evacuation exits; placement on the ground floor of a gym, a small gym with bathrooms and showers on the site of a carpentry and locksmith workshops and transfer of these workshops to other rooms on the 1st floor; accommodation on the 2nd floor of the informatics office; refurbishment of three classrooms on the 2nd floor - a teacher's room, a library, a reading room; overhaul and modernization of an individual heating point in the basement; overhaul and modernization of engineering systems; overhaul of porches No. 1, 2, 3. On the porch No. 1 - in axes A, 7-15, a ramp is provided for people with limited mobility with closed glazed facade systems; repair of facades with the installation of ventilated facades made of porcelain stoneware; lowering the level of rainwater from the building; beautification of the surrounding area. Under the entire building there is a technical underground 1,28 m high to the crossbar (1,63 m to the ceiling) and, partially, a basement under the kitchen block (in the axes A-D / 1-7) 1,93 m high to the crossbar (2,28, XNUMX m to overlap). The outer walls of the building are made of expanded clay concrete panels with a concrete protective layer, thickness - 330 mm. Existing partitions - large-panel expanded clay concrete thickness - 120 mm. New partitions - brick and plasterboard sheets in 2 layers, thickness - 120 mm. The building has four stairwells (precast concrete). The working draft provides for cosmetic repairs of the existing stairs. The working draft provides for the construction of a new staircase in axes C, 20-22 for evacuation from the 3rd and 4th floors. Roof 2 types: flat ventilated with an organized external drain; rolled three-layer with a slope of 3% with an organized external drain. It is planned to replace the roof covering in the same materials, with insulation with mineral wool boards. The working project provides for the replacement of existing wooden windows with white metal-plastic windows with double-glazed windows, with air valves and replacement of door blocks.

Structural and space-planning solutions

In accordance with the technical survey, the existing building was built in 1972 according to the frame structural scheme. The building was built according to the standard project 2S-02-10/66, developed by the LenProekt Institute. The columns and beams of the frame are made of precast concrete. Columns - with a section of 300 x 250 mm, made of B25 class concrete, are in good condition. Crossbars - T-section, made of B25 class concrete, are in good condition. The bearing capacity of the frame is 1250 kg/m2. Ceilings - flat reinforced concrete panels 100 mm thick, bearing capacity of floor slabs - 500 kg / m2, condition - good. External walls - self-supporting expanded clay concrete panels 300 mm thick. The technical condition of the panels is operational. The enclosing structures of the basement are reinforced concrete plinth panels 300 mm thick. Partitions - large-panel expanded clay concrete and brick 120 mm thick. The technical condition of the partitions is operational. The supporting structures of the roof are reinforced concrete ribbed slabs of the P28.18-13AIII grade (according to series 1.243.1 KL-1) and reinforced concrete vaults of the BK-50 type, the technical condition of the roof structures is operational. The roof is soft, made of 3 layers of roofing material, with an external spillway. The technical condition of the roof is operational, but unacceptable on part of the building. The foundations are free-standing, glass-type, made of prefabricated reinforced concrete, the technical condition of the foundations is operable. The base of the foundations is silty plastic sandy loam. Estimated soil resistance of the base R = 1,10÷1,19 kg/cm2, pressure along the base of the foundation p = 0,93 kg/cm2. Stairs - two-flight of precast concrete. The technical condition of the stairs is good. TOThe stigmas are made of precast concrete. The canopy over the main entrance has been repaired and is in good condition. The technical condition of the porches is limited working capacity. The bearing capacity of walls, frame structures, floor slabs and coatings, foundations is sufficient to withstand design loads, the structures do not require reinforcement. The working project provides for the installation (extension) of a new staircase LK type 1 from metal structures with glazing. The foundation slab for the stairs is designed from monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm thick, concrete class B15, F100, W6. Foundation walls - from foundation blocks 300 and 500 mm thick, concrete class B15, F100, W4. The metal structures of the extension are made of I-beams No. 20K1 and bent-welded profiles. The flights of stairs are designed from precast concrete according to series 1.258. The working draft provides for new porches to replace (and in place) the existing ones. The foundations for the stairs are designed with slabs 250 mm thick made of monolithic reinforced concrete and strip foundations made of prefabricated concrete slabs and blocks. Flights of stairs, floor slabs and ramps 120 mm thick made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Concrete class B20÷25, F100, W6. The working draft provides for the replacement of the roof (waterproofing carpet, insulation) and the installation of a ventilated facade.