Cinema project 264-13-1

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Cinema standard project 264-13-1

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Cinema standard project 264-13-1
Project documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys for the overhaul of the cinema standard project 264-13-1
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Land Area: 5251 m2
Floors: 3nd floor
Building height: 14,53 m on the ridge of the exit to the roof.
Total building area: 2314,6 m2
Building volume: 16092 m3

General information.

The overall dimensions of the building in the plan in the axes are 29,7 x 48,0 m. The height of the building is +14.530 m along the ridge of the exit to the roof. The layout of the premises inside the building, the placement of entrances and emergency exits corresponds to the sidewalks suitable for the building and the landscaping. For the relative mark of 0,000 of the building, the level of the existing finished floor of the 1st floor was taken. Cinema buildingInternal walls - full-bodied ceramic bricks on cement-sand mortar. Columns - prefabricated reinforced concrete with a section of 400x400mm. Partitions - brick, plank. Ceilings - prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs of the PK type with a thickness of 220mm. In axes 1-3, the floor slabs of the 1st floor and the basement are supported by paired reinforced concrete beams with a section of 250x250 mm. The beams, in turn, rest on the rectangular cantilevers of the columns. Covering - prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs of the PK type with a height of 220 mm. Roof - welded on the screed. Stairs: entrance group (front) concrete along axis 1, main single-flight to the 2nd floor, prefabricated reinforced concrete platforms and flights, two march in axes 2-3 / G, external evacuation two march open from the level of the 2nd floor with access to the outside, monolithic reinforced concrete with monolithic reinforced concrete railings. Otmostka - asphalt concrete pavement around the perimeter of the building, - roof - combined with the originally designed internal drain. In axes 1-4 - pitched with a micro-loft of welded materials with a slope in different areas from 1% to 13%. A micro-loft is formed during a roof renovation by installing a timber framing on top of an existing combined roof. In axes 4-9 - combined with waterproofing from deposited materials. - a drain through the catchment funnels and brought outside the building at the level of the 3rd floor using plastic sewer pipes. three storey rectangular in plan, with a basement under part of the building. Structural scheme - a system of load-bearing and self-supporting internal and external walls, a local frame in axes 1-2, disks of floors and coatings. Structures of an existing building; The outer walls are made of ceramic solid bricks on a cement-sand mortar, 510 mm thick.


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