Boiler house project 34,88 MW

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Boiler house project 34,88 MW

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Boiler house 34,88 MW
Design and working documentation including estimates for the construction of a 34,88 MW boiler house
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Construction volume, m3: 3567,7
Total area, m2: 549,0
including building, m2: 107,0
Number of floors, pcs.: 1 -2
Estimated thermal loads of consumers are taken according to the technical building:
Heating: 18,82 Gcal/h;
Ventilation: 0,16 Gcal/h;
DHW: 8,82 Gcal/h;
Own the needs of the boiler house, including workshops and amenity premises: 0,74 1 cal/h;
Heat losses in networks: 1,76 Gcal/h;
Total: 30.0 Gcal/h.

The installed capacity of the automated boiler house is 34,88 MW (30,0 Gcal/h). The main fuel is natural gas, emergency light oil diesel fuel.

 Thermal mechanical solutions.

 To cover the heat loads, two hot water boilers are installed: Eurotherm-17 "(KV-GM-17.44-150P) manufactured by Wolf Energy Solutions Russia) with a thermal capacity of 17,44 MW each. The thermal scheme of the boiler house includes the following thermal and mechanical equipment: hot water boilers "Eurotherm-17" - 2 pcs.; monoblock burners GB 2200 GG from General Bruciatori (Italy) 2 pcs., supplied with draft fans (L "25000 m3 / h, N -55 kW); 400 m w.c., N 105 kW) manufactured by Gidromashservis CJSC (two workers, one standby); recirculation pumps of the NKU-400 M brand (G 3 m '105 h. N 200 m w.c., N "140 kW ); storage boiler of indirect heating type BKN 140 with a volume of V 7 l - 49 l for the preparation of hot water with t 45 ° C for domestic premises and workshops; device for water treatment Anti Cai + company "MOVEKS"; mixing unit with correction pump brand UPS 160-160 1 (G 60 g h. And 25 m water column N 120 kW) and a control valve for the heating system of domestic premises (according to the schedule - 180-0,36 ° WITH); cooler for sampling steam and water KhD-5,5-0,12-95 SB; magnetic sleeve filter type FMM - 70 pcs.; shut-off ball and safety valves, instrumentation and instrumentation.

 Constructive decisions.

The structural scheme is a metal frame, the main load-bearing elements of which are columns and beams (a grid of columns 6,0 x 6,0 m). The spatial stability and rigidity of the building is ensured by the joint work of columns and beams, as well as vertical ties installed in the extreme spans, with a hard disk of the coating. The foundations are piled with monolithic reinforced concrete grillages (columnar under the columns of the building and tape under the brick walls). Monolithic reinforced concrete structures are made of concrete class B15, grades F 75. W6. reinforcement class AP I. Monolithic reinforced concrete piles; bored D-400 mm (bush of 4 piles. The connection of piles with grillages is rigid. Grillages (for columns) monolithic reinforced concrete, columnar type, size. soles 2100x2000 mm (bottom at elev. 1.80 m) for concrete preparation. 8 100 mm, concrete class B10 and prepared from sand and gravel, 8; 200 mm. Grillages (under the walls) are monolithic reinforced concrete, tape, with a base width of 600 mm (bottom at elevation 1.75 m) for concrete preparation. 8 100 mm. concrete class B10; preparation from sand-gravel mixture. 8 - 200 mm. Issues are provided - anchor bolts 1.1 M48x1700 for fastening steel columns. The base for hanging piles (conditional foundation) is IGE ^ - 4 (hard-plastic clay) with the following design characteristics: y 1.96 g / cm ; from 46 kPa; about 16°; E = 16 MPa. Pile load 20,55-25,3 tf; pile bearing capacity 22,0-25.3 tf; draft of one pile 3,7 mm; foundation settlement (conditional) of hanging piles - 5,6 -7.8 mm. The design soil resistance of the base is R 6,2-7,8 kg / cm "; pressure under the sole is p 2.1-2.8 kg / cm". Foundation beams (for external walls) - monolithic reinforced concrete, sec. 400x600 (h) mm. Vertical and horizontal waterproofing - coating with hot bitumen for 2 times. Base brick solid, 3: 120 mm, insulation - "Penoplex-35", 8 = 50 mm, with a finishing layer of plaster on the grid. Rolled steel columns No. 30K1 in accordance with GOST 26020-83 (steel grade C 255 in accordance with GOST 27772-88 *). Rolled steel crossbars No. 50 ShZ, 30Sh1, 26Sh2 in accordance with GOST 26020-83 • steel grade S245, S345-3 in accordance with GOST 27772-88). Vertical connections along the columns - steel rolled equal-shelf paired angle 75x7 according to GOST 8509-93 (steel grade C245). Ways of overhead transport steel rolling I-beam No. 30 and No. 24 in accordance with GOST 19425-74 (steel grade C245). The stairs are prefabricated reinforced concrete steps on steel stringers, plastered on a grid. Landings are monolithic reinforced concrete, on rolled steel beams. Overlap at el. 4.2 m (built-in) monolithic reinforced concrete, 5 100 mm, along metal beams from a rolled I-beam type "B" and "III" in accordance with GOST 26020-83 (steel grade C245). Coating purlins steel rolling I-beam No. 30B1 according to GOST 26020-83; steel rolling hot-rolled channel No. 24 according to GOST 8240-97 (steel grade C245). Partitions - solid brick. 6 120 mm and 250 mm, cellular concrete blocks, 5 200 mm. Exterior walls - hinged, three-layer wall metal sandwich panels of the "Ventall" type, mineral wool insulation "ROCKWOOL, 8 1 100 mm and 150 mm - in the part of household premises. Along the "D" axis (from the side of the existing workshop building), an external fire wall is made of solid brick, 6 - 380 mm, mineral wool insulation "Vsnti-Batss", 8 60 mm. lined with profiled sheet with fine corrugation. Roof 2 layers of filisol, with an internal organized drain. Windows single-chamber double-glazed window in PVC - covers in accordance with GOST 23166-99; in domestic premises double-glazed windows in 11VH-bindings. Gates and external doors are individual metal insulated. Interior finishing according to the list of finishing of rooms. Exterior finishing in accordance with the agreed color scheme of the facades. Anticorrosive protection of metal structures 2 layers of enamel PF 115, 2 layers of primer GF021 (GOST 25129-82). Chimney D=1,8 m 11=60 m. Steel chimney D 1.8 m. II 60 m, supporting metal lattice manga with ladders and service platforms, as well as fasteners of complete factory readiness LLC "Kaskad-metal"  


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