Boiler project 18270 kW

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Boiler project 18270 kW

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Index: 45.164.253
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Boiler room, heating networks
Design, working documentation, including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the reconstruction of the heat supply system. Reconstruction of the boiler house

Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Land area, ha: 0,3654
Building area, m2: 700,0
Total area of ​​the boiler house building, including: m2: 666,0
Boiler room area, m2: 540,0
Area of ​​transformer substation, m2: 42,0
Diesel generator area, m2: 84,0
Structural volume of the boiler house building, including: m3: 4564,0
Construction volume of the boiler room, m3: 4050,0
Construction volume of the transformer substation, m3: 252,0
Building volume of diesel generator, m3: 262,0
Number of floors, floor: 1
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 39517,31
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 25789,73
Equipment, thousand rubles: 8967,74
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 4759,84
PIR, thousand rubles: 2629,11
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 290,36
Estimated cost at current price level July 2010 (including VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 189505,79
Construction and installation works thousand rubles: 139780,79
Equipment, thousand rubles: 27153,83
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 22571,17
PIR, thousand rubles: 11212,11
VAT, thousand rubles: 28706,03
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 1346,24

Architectural and building solutions

Building responsibility level – II. The degree of fire resistance of the boiler house building is II. The category of the premises for explosive and fire hazards is G. The class for the functional fire hazard of the boiler room is F 5.1. (SNiP 21-01-97*). The relative mark of ±0.000 of the clean floor of the boiler room corresponds to the absolute mark of +6,75 m according to BSC. Inspection of the building structures of the boiler house building has been completed. According to the results of the survey of building structures, the boiler house belongs to the 2nd category of technical condition (according to TSN 50-302-2004). Geotechnical surveys have been completed. The calculation results are presented in the appendices to the volumes of the KZh grade. The building is rectangular in plan. The main dimensions of the building in the axes are: 37 m - in the axes "1-7", and 18 m - in the axes "A-B". The boiler room is a rectangular room 30 x 18 m, which houses boilers and auxiliary technological equipment. In the axes "1-6 / A / B" with a grid of 6 m there are prefabricated reinforced concrete columns with a section of 400x400 mm, a height of 6 m. Reinforced concrete truss beams, 0,9-1,3 m high, rest on the columns, taking the load from the roof slabs. The foundations for the columns of the building are made separately from prefabricated reinforced concrete, the walls of the building in the axes "1-6 / A-G" are based on prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation beams. The blind area along the perimeter of the building is asphalt, 50 mm thick. The walls are made of red clay bricks on a cement-sand mortar, with a masonry thickness of 380 mm. The interior walls are plastered and painted. Windows - metal-plastic, single-layer. The roof of the boiler house building is gable made of prefabricated reinforced concrete ribbed slabs, 6x1 m in size. Structurally, the reconstructed building belongs to the frame in the axes "1-6 / A-B", the spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by pinching the columns into the foundations and the cover disc. In the axes "6-7 / A-B" - frameless with load-bearing brick walls with the coating supported on metal I-beams. On the side of the wall in the axes "A / 1-2" at a distance of 6,75 m from the building there is a brick chimney of the boiler room 44 m high. floor coverings and the base of the floor structure, as well as with the complete replacement of the technological equipment of the boiler house and engineering networks, the project provides for the dismantling of the existing concrete floor and the installation of self-leveling floors according to the Master TOP-100 technology, the installation of technological pits and the installation of foundations for the installation of boilers; to protect the foundation from the impact of pressure process waters, outdated and faulty equipment was dismantled and replaced with modern ones; to prevent the development of damage to the walls and protect the walls from external influences, the project provides for the installation of a ventilated facade system; to eliminate leaks, damaged areas are replaced and a membrane roof is installed using the TechnoNIKOL technology; due to the inoperative state of the existing chimney, as well as the replacement of boilers, the project provides for the dismantling of the existing chimney and the installation of a new three-barrel chimney 30 m high. Gas exhaust shafts with a diameter of 0,8 m (2 pieces) and a diameter of 0,63 m (1 piece) are made of stainless steel and have 50 mm thick thermal insulation. The boiler room is a rectangular room 30 x 18 m, which houses boilers and auxiliary technological equipment. Calculation of metal reinforced concrete structures was carried out using SCAD 11.1, Crystal, Monomakh 4.5, Arbat programs. The platform for servicing boilers is a spatial frame structure of square racks 100x6 and rectangular beams 150x100x6. The geometric invariability of the structure is ensured by a rigid connection of the platform pillars with the foundation, a system of vertical connections along the perimeter of the platform, and a rigid connection between the platform beams and the pillars. The supporting structure of the chimney is a spatial lattice structure, in the form of an equilateral triangular prism with a side length of 2,2 m. The geometrical stability of the supporting structure is ensured by the triangular cross-section, the triangular lattice and the pinching of the supporting structure into the foundation. The type of foundation of the boiler house is a reinforced concrete monolithic slab 100 mm thick, in the area where the boilers are installed 200 mm. The type of chimney foundation is columnar concrete class B22.5 W6 F100 with a height of 1,8 m. In accordance with the calculation results, the settlement of the foundation base will be 2.97 mm; foundation roll 0.00212. The design soil resistance of the base is 58.38 tf/m2. Under the foundation, concrete preparation is provided from concrete of class B7,5 with a thickness of 100 mm. A sand cushion of medium-sized sand was adopted as a carrier layer for the foundation. No negative impact on the surrounding development is expected.

thermal scheme

The heat supply system is closed, double-circuit, six-pipe, independent. The temperature curve of the boiler circuit is 140°/80°С. The heat carrier for the heating system is network water with design temperature parameters of 130 - 70 ºС, heat carrier temperature control depending on the outdoor temperature according to the heating schedule. The heat carrier for the heating system is network water with design temperature parameters of 95 - 70 ºС, heat carrier temperature control depending on the outdoor temperature according to the heating schedule. The heat carrier for the DHW system is network water with design temperature parameters of 60 ºС, control of the heat carrier temperature at a constant temperature. The boiler house provides for the installation of three water-heating boilers of the brand "Eurotherm 7" with a capacity of 7560 kW (2 pcs.) and the brand "Eurotherm 3" 3150 kW (1 pc.) of the company "Wolf" (Germany). The boilers are equipped with Elco (France) gas burners with low noise level as a result of a more efficient ventilation design. In order to compensate for the thermal expansion of water in boilers and in boiler pipelines, membrane-type expansion tanks are used. Prevention of a possible increase in pressure in the boiler circuit is achieved by installing safety valves. Discharge from safety valves is carried out into the sewer. The circulation of water in the boiler circuit is carried out by the circulation pumps of the boiler circuit. Water circulation in the heating network is carried out by network pumps. Filling and make-up of the heat supply circuit are provided in the boiler room. The primary filling of the boiler house pipelines is provided from the cold water pipeline through the emergency make-up pipeline. To control the quality of water in the boiler room, the installation of samplers is provided. Sampling is carried out periodically - the mode is determined during the commissioning. The boiler house is equipped with thermal energy metering devices / In order to ensure the reliability of heat supply to the consumer, the project provides for: - equipping the boiler room with a control, regulation and safety system, - availability of a backup network pump. To exclude operating modes of boilers with a low temperature, mixing pumps are installed in the return line of the boilers at the jumper between the pipes of the direct and return water of the boiler. The TOVP system provides water preparation for feeding the boiler circuit. At the lowest points of the pipelines of the boiler house, installation of devices for draining water is provided, and at the top - installation of air vents.