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Index: 19082000
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
Data volume: 286 MB
Sections: 28 Volumes
File Format: * .pdf
The project of technical re-equipment of the boiler unit BKZ-75-39-FB
Design, working documentation including bills of quantities, passport, part of design documentation, assembly drawings.

Technical characteristics of the BKZ-75-39-FB boiler unit.
Rated steam capacity, t/h: 75
Rated thermal power, Gcal/h: 51,4
Estimated steam pressure in the boiler drum, kgf/cm: 43
Design pressure of superheated steam, kgf/cm: 39
Superheated steam temperature, gr. C: 440

General information.

The BKZ-75-39-FB boiler is designed to produce superheated steam by burning brown coal of the ZB grade. Boiler - flare, block, single-drum, with natural circulation, made according to the U-shaped scheme. The boiler unit consists of the following main elements: a frame, a shielded combustion chamber, heating surfaces (furnace screens, a superheater, a water economizer, a tubular air heater), burners (2 pcs.). Auxiliary equipment: pulverizing system (2 raw coal bunkers, 2 raw coal feeders, 2 tangential hammer mills), smoke exhauster, draft fan, ash catcher. Direct injection pulverization system. The combustion chamber with a volume of 454 m3 is completely shielded by pipes with a diameter of 60x3 mm. The metal of the pipes is steel 20 GOST 8731. The boiler furnace is equipped with pulverized coal burners located on the left and right blocks of the front wall of the furnace. On each of the side walls of the furnace, screen pipes are laid out, in which oil nozzles, repair hatches, small hatches for inspecting the furnace, protection sensors against flame extinction in the furnace are installed. Boiler drum with inner diameter 1500 mm. And the wall thickness of 40 mm is made of steel 20k. The boiler superheater is two-stage, radiation-convective type, smooth-tube, with in-line arrangement of pipes 038x3 mm (steel 20). The superheat temperature is controlled by a surface desuperheater. Economizer - steel, smooth-tube, serpentine, boiling type, with a staggered arrangement of pipes 032x3 mm, two-stage. Pipe metal steel 20 TU 14-3-460-75. The first stage is located between the stages of the air heater "in a notch". Feed water is supplied to the lower chamber of the lower economizer unit. Water from the first stage enters the second stage, and from the second stage, from two chambers located on the left and right sides of the boiler, it enters the boiler drum. Air heater - steel, tubular, with a staggered arrangement of pipes, consists of two stages installed in a "cut" with the water economizer stages. The first stage of the air heater is the last heating surface along the gas flow.