Project of a bath

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Project of a bath

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Index: 37.130.244
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Bath project.
Technical and economic indicators
Area, m2: 193,30
Construction volume, m3: 550,80


The bath building is one-story, rectangular in plan, with dimensions in the axes of 18,2 x 11,9 m, the height from ground level to the roof ridge is 8,39 m. 0,000 of the bathhouse building, the mark of the clean floor of the first floor is taken, corresponding to the absolute mark of 9,80 in BSC. In the building of the bathhouse at the level of 0,000, the following are designed: a hall, 2 rest rooms, 2 dressing rooms, a steam room, a bathroom, a shower room, a glazed terrace. The height of the bath rooms in cleanliness is 2,5 m. The roof of the bath building is attic, gable with an external organized drain. The roof covering of the bath is roofing steel with a polymer coating. External walls - wooden combined three-layer glued laminated timber 200 mm thick. The exterior cladding is made of natural stone slabs. Windows and stained-glass windows - wooden frames with double-glazed windows. Internal finishing of premises - wooden lining. Bath floor covering - ceramic tiles. The building of the bath has the V degree of fire resistance, also the class of constructive fire hazard of the building of the bath is C3. The functional fire hazard class of the bath building is F3.6. For relative elev. 0,000 baths is the mark of the finished floor of the first floor, which corresponds to the absolute mark of 9,450 in BSC. The building of the bathhouse is one-story, complex in plan, with dimensions in the axes of 18200 x 11900, a height of 5,45 m along the ridge of the roof. The roof of the building is attic, gable. The drain is external, organized. The volume of the building is designed in the tradition of Russian wooden architecture using modern building materials. The expressiveness of the asymmetric composition is based on the contrasting combination of materials used in the decoration of different colors and textures: natural stone slabs, wooden beams, roofing steel and large glass surfaces of the terrace. Internal finishing of premises - wooden lining. Bath floor covering - ceramic tiles. The assembly is made directly on the object from numbered structural units. Basic parameters of the building: Number of floors Number of floors - 1. Building structures. Foundations: Monolithic reinforced concrete. plate. External walls: Sauna complex - wooden combined glued laminated timber of the company "Technopark" LTA 200 mm thick (glued board 60 mm - heat-insulating material Polyspen 80 mm - glued board 60 mm). Terrace - warm glazed with double-glazed windows with energy-saving glass. Internal walls, partitions Made of glued wooden beams. Ceiling and attic: Wooden structures. Roof covering: Steel with a polymeric covering. Windows - wooden windows with double-glazed windows.