Project BKTP and cable lines 0,4 kV, cable lines 10 kV

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Project BKTP and cable lines 0,4 kV, cable lines 10 kV

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Index: 59.122.210
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 195 MB
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Expert opinion: a positive
Design, working documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys for the reconstruction of the building (stage 1 - construction of a BKTP with cable lines)
Technical and economic indicators
Network length, m: 2057,0
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 12684,70
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 10249,52
Equipment, thousand rubles: 1393,28
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 1041,90
PIR, thousand rubles: 383,33
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 39,48
Estimated cost at current price level October 2010 (VAT included)
Total: thousand rubles: 80992,71
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 66628,23
Equipment, thousand rubles: 9057,16
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 5307,32
PIR, thousand rubles: 1415,80
VAT, thousand rubles: 12354,09
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 236,31

Scheme of the planning organization of the land plot

The BKTP construction site is located in ***** of the city in the quarter bounded by ***** st., ***** Ave., nab.kan. ***** and ***** st., on the territory of a cultural heritage site of federal significance. Measures are envisaged to ensure the safety of cultural heritage objects located in the zone of influence of the BKTP construction in accordance with the agreement. The BKTP construction site within the conditional boundaries with an area of ​​221,26 m2 is located within the boundaries of the land plot of the linear facility “Cable Lines from Substation No. 36 along the embankment of the river. *****, through r. *****, on pl.*****, on the street. ***** to the street ***** "with an area of ​​​​5 m136, on the intra-quarter territory, in the courtyard of the house on the street. *****, d.2-1. The entrance to the object is provided from the embankment of the channel ***** along the intra-block passage. The vertical layout of the BKTP site is linked to the adjacent territory. Removal of surface waters is provided in the existing rainwater well. The project, within the boundaries of improvement, provides for the installation of an asphalt concrete pavement for the site adjacent to the BKTP.

Structural and space-planning solutions

The level of responsibility of the building is II, normal. The block complete transformer substation (BKTP) is designed from two prefabricated modules. Each module consists of underground and ground parts, made in the form of volumetric reinforced concrete shells, concrete class B25, W12-16, F200. The foundation is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab of B15, W4, F50 class concrete, 400 mm thick, on a natural base. Under the foundations, concrete preparation is provided from concrete of class B7,5 with a thickness of 100 mm for sand preparation with a thickness of 300 mm. In accordance with the report on engineering and geological surveys, sands of medium size lie at the base of the foundations. The expected draft is 0,2 cm. The relative elevation of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute elevation of 4,290 m. In the zone of influence of the construction, at a distance of 11,34-13,37 m, there is an administrative building at the address: ***** street, house 1-3 . A visual inspection of the building has been completed. The assessment of the impact of construction on the surrounding buildings was carried out on the basis of a calculation using the Monomakh software package. No negative impact on the existing building is expected since the calculated depth of the compressible basement of 2,4 m is less than the distance between the foundations.

Engineering equipment, utility networks, engineering activities

The project documentation provides for: Construction of a block distribution substation UBKTP-2x1000kVA with 6 cells of the EM-55 type, distributed into two sections of the RU-6kV with ATS and two input-distribution devices of the UVRU type on the 0,4 kV side. The 6 kV power supply is designed according to the "2-beam" scheme: from the existing PS-36 cell No. 15a by one cable line of the ASB2l 3x240 type. The route passes through the intra-quarter territory to the arch of house 90, along the river embankment *****, further along the even side of the river embankment *****To ***** bridge, crosses ***** in line ***** bridge over existing cable structures (bridge structures are not affected), further along the odd side of the river embankment ***** to ***** square and exits onto the sidewalk of ***** street, then to ***** street to the projected UBCTP; from the existing TP5706 (cell TP5706, TP5804) by one cable line of the ASB2l 3x240 type. The route passes through the intra-quarter territory from the house along ***** street 9 to the projected UBKTP along ***** street; from the existing cable box f.109-08 near house 26 along the embankment of the canal ***** along the intra-quarter territory to ***** street, house 5, then along the street to the projected UBKTP. The laying of the cable line is envisaged next to cultural heritage sites. The project documentation provides for a section on the protection of cultural heritage sites, which includes manual excavation, a minimum distance from buildings of 1600 mm, a trench depth of 700-1000 mm. After completion of the work, the landscaping is restored to its original form. The cable line route is agreed. The total connected power is 600 kVA according to the second category of power supply reliability. The 0,4 kV power supply from the UVRU (as part of the UBKTP) is designed with two twin cables of the PvBbShp 4x240 type to the designed main switchboard in the bank building. The length of the route L = 0,052 km. Electricity metering is designed in the main switchboard of the bank.

Measures to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population and workers

According to the radiation risk factor, the area of ​​work, according to the conclusion of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor, meets the requirements of SanPiN (NRB-99/2009). The soil in the work area (sampling depth 0,0-2,0 m), according to the expert opinion, meets the requirements of SanPiN, SanPiN, GN, GN . According to chemical, microbiological and sanitary-parasitological indicators, the soil belongs to the “clean” category. According to toxicological indicators, the developed soil complies with the requirements of SP and belongs to the IV hazard class - low-hazardous waste. Waste management activities comply with the requirements of SanPiN Places for temporary storage of waste have been identified. BKTP operates without the constant presence of service personnel. Discharge of domestic wastewater is not provided. The disposal of surface sewage from the roof is planned into the existing drainage ditch. BKTP buildings are not heated. Ventilation is natural. Air exchange is provided through louvered grilles. BKTP lighting is artificial (provided for general and evacuation using fluorescent lamps) and complies with SanPiN 2.2.1/ and SNiP 23-05-95*. The design documentation substantiates the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the residential area. The data of full-scale studies of EMR for the analog object are presented. Calculations were made to assess the acoustic impact of the designed object on the environment in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN 2.2.1/ at the border of the design object. SPZ in terms of noise level - sustained. The implementation of environmental protection measures will ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the living environment of the population and workers at the construction site in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN for the protection of atmospheric air, SanPiN and SanPiN 42-128-4690-88 on the handling of construction waste and maintenance of the territory, SanPiN on the protection of surface waters. Noise sources during the construction period are construction equipment and vehicles that meet the needs of the construction. The design documentation contains calculations of the maximum and equivalent sound levels. To ensure compliance with the requirements of SN 2.2.4 / on the regulation of noise exposure, a set of measures is provided, including the restriction of work in residential areas. The section "Construction organization project" was developed in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN Issues of sanitary and domestic provision of workers have been resolved. Sanitary facilities are provided taking into account the groups of production processes. The drinking regime will be carried out by the delivery of bottled drinking water. The project materials provide for the provision of all employees with overalls and personal protective equipment.