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Berth project

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Design documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a berth
Technical and economic indicators of the master plan:
Plot area: 0,7045 ha
Building area: 0,2535 ha
Hard surface area: 1223 m2
Landscaping area: 692 m2


The purpose of the pier is to provide communication between settlements located on islands in the river delta. In accordance with the terms of reference for the design, the operational conditions of the berth are the possibility of a safe approach, parking and carrying out passenger operations for river passenger vessels of the Moskva type of project No. R-51E and a sea tug of project No. 4983. The design of the berth is designed as an anchored bolter made of metal sheet piles with a reinforced concrete superstructure. The length of the berthing line is 43,5 m, the total length of the berth along the front is 47,7 m. The mark of the berth cordon is +2,30 m in the Baltic system of heights. In terms of the design of the berth, it is designed in the form of a frontal embankment with a mooring cordon line parallel to the river bank. In the upper part, the end wall of the berth is located at an angle of 45° to the cordon line to absorb loads during spring ice drift and the direction of water flow during floods. In the lower part of the berth, the end wall is located at an angle of 90° to the cordon line. In the middle part of the berth in the superstructure, a platform with a mark of +1,25 m in the Baltic system of heights was designed for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers at low water levels. There are stairs and a ramp to the site. At high water levels in the river, boarding and disembarking of passengers is carried out along the ladders directly to the cordon of the pier in specially provided places. At the berth, the installation of four frontal mooring bollards of the TCO-16 type in accordance with GOST 17424-72 is designed. Two bollards are located at the corners of the berth, two - in the center. The berth is equipped with fenders in the form of rubber cylinders with a diameter of 400 mm. A 1,1 m high railing on the berth is installed along the cordon and at the landing area. Railing - welded metal, rack type with openwork filling. In the middle part of the berth in the railing, there are two passages about 1,7 m wide for passing passengers. Passages are closed with removable chains. Along the head of the berth, the project provides for the construction of a pedestrian sidewalk, raised by 150 mm from the surface of the berth cover. To restrict the entry of vehicles to the sidewalk along the sidewalk, metal barrier fences 450 mm high are additionally installed. The total height of the fence from the level of the carriageway is 0,6 m. The main covering of the berth is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 0,16 m. Coverings of pedestrian zones and waiting areas are made of figured paving slabs. For passengers on the pier there is a waiting area with a pavilion. The metal pavilion is similar in design to waiting pavilions at public transport stops. The project does not provide for the construction of special premises for the main, auxiliary and technical purposes. Artificial lighting is arranged on the berth to enable the safe operation of the facility in the dark. The junctions of the quay wall with the shore on the upstream and downstream sides of the pier are reinforced with rock riprap in sections of 10 m each. The reinforced concrete superstructure (head) of the berth from the side of the water area is 2,10 m high with a vertical front surface. The bottom of the concrete head reaches the average water level of the river during navigation, which hides the sheet piles and numerous structural elements in the concrete structure. Metal embedded parts of the reinforced concrete head, eyes and ladder are painted in gray - to match the concrete surface. The color of railings and mooring bollards is black. The color of the metal sheet pile of the pier base mainly performs the functions of anti-corrosion protection, therefore the preferred color is red (RAL 3000-3003, 3013 or similar), chosen to match the color of steel corrosion products.