Children's art school project for 320 students in Revit

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Children's art school for 320 seats (BIM)

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Index: 03092003B
Data Sheet: Working documentation, BIM model
Sections: according to composition
Data volume: 360 MB
File Format: *.ifc, *.rvt
The project of a children's art school for 320 students in Revit (BIM).
Presented for sale is a digital information model for the construction of a children's art school for 320 students, the level of study is LOD 400, the stage "Working documentation".
Technical and economic indicators of the construction object:
Floors, fl.: 4 (without basement)
Building area, m2: 1023,89
Construction volume, incl. basement (aboveground/underground), m3: 10495
Total area, m2: 2635,26

Brief characteristics of the digital information model.

The project of a children's art school for 320 students was made using the Revit software package. The digital information model of a children's art school is divided into several models (submodels), due to the size of the files. All submodels of the children's art school project model in Revit provide a guaranteed collection of them into a single OCS body by section. The BIM model of the building of the children's art school for 320 students at the stage of preparation "Working Documentation" has a level of elaboration LOD 400.

Brief description of the construction object.

The project provides for the design of a building for a children's art school to accommodate a children's art school for 320 people. The building of the children's art school has the following characteristics: Responsibility class - II, Degree of fire resistance of the building - II, Constructive fire hazard class - CO, Main functional fire hazard class F4.1. The following technological layout of the placement of the main blocks of the premises of the children's art school is provided: The main entrance to the building is through the entrance vestibule on the first floor in the central part, additional entrances are also made. For people with limited mobility, ramps are provided at the entrance. At the main entrance there is a security post, a vestibule hall (waiting room), a cloakroom for students with hangers for clothes and cells for shoes, bathrooms for students (separate for boys and girls), a bathroom for staff, a bathroom for MGN and parents. The exhibition hall has an area of ​​150,65 m2 and is designed to demonstrate the work of students of the Children's Art School and hold thematic exhibitions. The hall is equipped with glazed cabinets, stands and showcases with lighting. A storage room with an area of ​​16,92 m2 was designed for the storage of funds at the exhibition hall. The main block includes the following premises: sculpture and modeling workshop; firing room; etching; class of drawing, painting and composition; computer class; greenhouse. painting class; art history class; batik class; arts and crafts class; carpentry workshop; media library with an open fund; Auxiliary premises: Buffet with a hall for 30 seats. Productivity is tentatively designed for 570 dishes per shift. The buffet works only on imported finished products. For boys and girls, separate toilets are designed on each floor at the rate of: 1 toilet bowl for 20 girls, 1 toilet bowl and 0,5 tray urinal for 30 boys, 1 washbasin for 30 girls and boys. Floor heights: Maximum calculated height (from ground level to the bottom of the upper floor window openings) +12.100 Maximum height from ground level to the bottom of the first floor window openings +1.300. The greatest basic building height (from ground level to the top of the cornice of the main objects) +16.110.


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