The project of the building of the Children's Art School of the Children's Art School for 100 places

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DSHI project 100 seats

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates
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Project documentation including estimates for the construction of a children's art school for 100 students
Technical and economic indicators
Building fire resistance rating: II
Level of responsibility: II
Cl. functional fire hazard: out-of-school educational institutions: F4,1
Cl. constructive fire hazard: C0
Number of floors, including: fl. 2
Structural volume of the building. m3: 5388,1
above-ground part of the building, m3: 5279,2
underground part of the building, m3: 108,9
Total area of ​​the building, including m2: 1007,4
Area of ​​technical underground, m2: 49,5
Useful area of ​​the building, m2: 877,4
Estimated area of ​​the building, m2: 676.50

General information.

Planning solutions for the children's art school are made taking into account the combination of premises of the same purpose into sections and their distribution depending on functional, acoustic and soundproofing requirements. The building structures provide isolation of noisy rooms from rooms for theoretical classes. The premises of the music and choreographic departments are located in a separate (right) wing of the building, at a considerable distance from the premises of the fine arts department, from the premises for theoretical studies located in the left wing and from the premises of the administrative and economic group located in the central part. Due to the application of the above architectural and planning techniques, as well as the use of special acoustic and soundproof materials and structures, the building managed to achieve the required acoustic comfort and create optimal conditions for the educational process. The functional and planning scheme of the music department of the children's art school suggests the location of a room for choir and orchestra classes (concert hall) and two music classes for individual lessons on musical instruments. Premises for group theoretical studies are located isolated from noisy rooms. At the hall for choreography classes in the Children's School of Art, locker rooms and sanitary facilities are provided, according to the calculation, in accordance with the current regulatory documents. Dressing rooms for students are connected through the lobby, intended only for the movement of students of the choreographic department. The premises of the department of fine arts at the Children's School of Art include: an office for sculpture and ceramics, an office for applied arts, an office for painting, as well as storage rooms for offices and a firing room. The offices of the fine arts department are located in the left wing of the building. In the same part of the building there are four more classrooms for theoretical studies. The main entrance of the building in the project is represented by premises: a wardrobe, a vestibule combined with a hall for parents waiting for students. The premises are located in the central part of the building. According to the technological part of the project, during the period of reporting and other concert performances, the one-time capacity of the art school is 144 people (including the capacity of the concert hall). At the same time, theoretical and practical classes are not provided for this period of time. The concert hall of the children's art school, with a capacity of 97 seats, is located on the right side of the building. Associated premises of the hall: dressing room for children (artistic) and utility room. The Concert Hall is designed for the following types of performances: national teams, choreographic, variety, non-staged, folk ensembles. Type of hall by appointment - concert. According to the acoustic characteristics, the type of the hall is musical with natural acoustics. The type of hall according to the form of interconnection with the stage (stage) is a hall with a traditional stage. The comfort level of the concert hall is the third. The type of hall according to the degree of transformation is stationary (without transformation). The administrative group of premises includes: the director's office, the accountant's office and the teacher's room, located in the central part of the building. The technical premises include: ITP, ventilation chamber and switchboard. In the technical underground there is an ITP room. The entrance to the technical underground is located on the side of the rear facade of the building (along the E axis) Evacuation exits, their number and distance to them meet fire safety standards. Evacuation from the premises is carried out through a common corridor or vestibule directly outside. Evacuation exits are located at the ends and in the central part of the building. The greatest distance from the doors of the premises to the exit directly to the outside does not exceed 50 m. For evacuation from the concert hall and related premises, an additional evacuation exit is provided, directly outside for the main category of citizens (not belonging to the MGN category) and for a group of people belonging to the low-mobility group of the population. Thus, for each category of citizens there are two dispersed isolated evacuation exits. In the first row near the evacuation exits, the width of the passage is increased by the width of the free passage of the wheelchair for the disabled. The depth of the seats in the auditorium ensures the width of the aisles between the rows of at least 0,45 m. The links of the seats in the auditorium are designed with devices for fixing to the floor. For the seats in the hall, materials not classified as flammable were used, and the used upholstery, padding and cushioning materials do not belong to the T4 group in terms of the toxicity of combustion products, according to paragraph XNUMX. 5.4.13 [7]. For a conditional mark of 0,000, the level of the clean floor of the building is taken, which corresponds to the absolute mark of 71,50. The building is a detached, two-story building with a technical underground, of complex geometric shape, with axial dimensions of 42,0 m x 27,0 m. The height of the building is 8,390 m from el. 0.000 to the parapet. The building is one temperature block. At the main entrance there is a ramp for MGN. Marches and platforms of the ramp, steps and platforms of the porches of the main entrances are covered with porcelain stoneware with an anti-slip surface.


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