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Hotel project 14 floors

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Index: 89.196.281
Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Retail, office and hotel building with underground parking
Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a multifunctional complex with underground parking. Stage 3 (queue). Building 2 - a building for retail, office and hotel purposes with underground parking (parking)
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Land area, ha: 0,6385
Building area, m2: 6124,1
including under the overhanging part outside the site, m2: 165,52
Total building area, m2: 57440,8
including closed parking, m2: 17058,9
Construction volume of the building, m3: 254940,0
Floors, floor: 14

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The building for retail, office and hotel purposes with an underground car park (parking) is a detached building of complex configuration in plan, with a total size in the axes of 91,30 X 87,50 m, the main facade overlooks the building line of Zanevsky Prospekt. The building consists of two volumes of different heights: an eight-storey one, 33,29 m high from ground level to the parapet, and a fourteen-story volume towering above it, 55,79 m high from ground level to the parapet. For the relative mark of 0,000, the level of the finished floor of the first floor of a residential building is taken, corresponding to the absolute mark of 7,62 m. The total number of floors in the building is 16. The basement floor in axes 2-8 at elevation -7,800 is 3,30 m high, designed to accommodate an underground parking lot for 88 parking spaces and rooms with engineering equipment. The basement floor at elevation -4,500 is 4,50 m high, designed to accommodate loading rooms for the entire complex, a store (supermarket) with a complex of auxiliary rooms and rooms for engineering equipment. On the ground floor with a height of 4,20 m there are entrances to the facilities of the complex, entrances to parking lots, a shopping area, divided into separate retail premises for rent, utility and service premises. On the second floor, 4,20 m high, there is a retail area, divided into separate retail premises for rent. At the level of the second floor, a covered gallery is provided for the transition to the existing building of the shopping complex. On the third floor with a height of 4,20 m there are: a fast food zone with 300 seats, two cafes with 80 and 100 seats, curling rooms. On the fourth, fifth and sixth floors with a height of 3,0 and 4,20 (6th floor) m there is a closed parking lot for 471 cars. At the level of the fourth floor, a covered gallery is provided for access to the parking lot of the existing building of the shopping complex. Part of the sixth floor is occupied by the technical premises of the pool. On the seventh floor, 4,50 and 3,30 m high, there is a fitness club for 150 visitors with a complex of utility rooms and ventilation chambers. From the eighth to the twelfth floors there is a hotel with a complex of auxiliary and utility rooms. Height of the 8th floor - 4,20 m, 9-12 floors - 3,60 m. On the roof above the eighth floor there are superstructures for exits to the roof, a roof boiler room. On the thirteenth and fourteenth floors, 3,60 and 4,12 m high, there are offices On the roof there are superstructures with rooms for accommodating ventilation equipment and exits to the roof, a roof boiler room. To ensure communication between floors and evacuation from all facilities of the complex, stairwells and H2 with access to the street, escalators in the area of ​​the shopping complex are provided. The complex provides for passenger and cargo-passenger elevators, some of which are designed to transport fire departments. The roof is flat, combined with an internal organized drain. Exits to the roof are provided from the volumes of stairwells. Filling window openings - stained glass. Facade decoration includes: cladding with facade slabs "Amocobond"; stained glass windows. Partitions - depending on the functional purpose of the premises: in the shopping area - from translucent stained-glass structures to a height of 2,80 m, in offices - plasterboard sheets on a metal frame, in rooms with a wet regime - from moisture-resistant plasterboard sheets with ceramic tile lining. Interior decoration is carried out in accordance with the functional purpose of the premises. Entrance and exit to the car parks and to the unloading area is provided for by five single-track ramps, including one reserve ramp for above-ground car parks. A traffic control system and notification of visitors about the availability of spaces at the parking levels is provided. The project provides for measures to ensure the life of people with limited mobility.

Structural and space-planning solutions

The building is designed with a monolithic reinforced concrete spatial frame, consisting of columns, walls and beamless ceilings. The main grid of columns is 8,3x8,3 m. The junctions of the structures are rigid, designed to absorb bending moments. Spatial rigidity and stability is ensured by the joint work of vertical load-bearing elements with interfloor ceilings. Columns with a section from 600 x 600 mm to 1000 x 800 mm, depending on the load transferred to them. Internal walls 200 mm thick; 300 mm. Floor slabs - beamless 180 mm thick in the span and 320 mm in the inter-column sections in a mutually perpendicular direction. In the area of ​​the floor curling above the 2nd-6th floors there is a caisson slab 100 mm thick with ribs with a section of 200x800 mm, which rest on the capitals of columns 800 mm high with plan dimensions of 3200x3200 mm. On the 7th-8th floors, the bowls of the large and small pools are designed from monolithic reinforced concrete. The size of the large pool is 12x25 m, the small pool is curved. The bowls consist of a bottom 300 mm thick and walls of variable thickness 1,7 m high; 1,4 m and are supported by a system of beams 500 mm wide, 1450 mm high; 1750 mm. Construction material - class B25 concrete; B30;W6; F100, class A500C fittings. The covering of the main part of the building is designed from steel structures - a system of beams and purlins on which the profiled flooring rests. The stability of the coating structure is ensured by a system of horizontal ties and adjoining to the reinforced concrete structures of the building frame. On the roof of the building there are technical rooms (boiler rooms and ventilation chambers), designed with a steel frame and enclosing structures made of sandwich panels. Coating structures are designed taking into account technological loads and the weight of superstructure structures. The exhaust shafts and the 26 m high air duct on the roof of the building above the eighth floor are attached to the outer wall of the building. A two-level gallery is provided for connection with existing buildings. The structural scheme of the transitions is a steel frame with monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings along a profiled deck. The steel framing beams are cantilevered to the existing buildings and supported by the building's reinforced concrete columns and steel studs. The stability of the transition frame is ensured in the transverse direction by the frame connection of the uprights with stiffening crossbars, horizontal ties at the level of floors and roofing, and disks of flooring and roofing. External walls of the building: parking lot - hinged panels "Alumbond"; the rest of the floors - stained-glass glazing on steel fachwerk, fixed to the supporting structures of the building. Structural solutions for fastening the facade system to the supporting structures of the building are developed in the working documentation in accordance with the current technical certificate of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. The calculation of buildings was carried out using the SCAD 11.1 software package based on the spatial model of the building, taking into account joint work with the base. The level of responsibility of the building is normal. The main load-bearing structures of the building are designed to meet fire resistance requirements in accordance with STO 36554501-006-2006. The foundations were designed on the basis of engineering and geological surveys carried out at the construction site. Foundation design - monolithic reinforced concrete grillages on a pile foundation. Deep-laid grillages: under the columns - free-standing 1000 mm and 1500 mm high with a cluster arrangement of piles, under the walls - beams 1000 mm high, based on grillages. Grills and beams are connected by a 300 mm thick plate. Piles - bored with a diameter of 600 mm and a length of 36 to 42 m, depending on the height of the grillages, are made using the Atlas technology. Piles are made from the surface of the earth. Piling into grillages is tough. At the base of the piles at an absolute mark of minus 37,100 lie semi-solid dislocated clays with a total deformation modulus E=320 kg/cm². According to the results of static sounding, the calculated bearing capacity of piles, taking into account the reliability factor, is 494 tf. The design load on the pile is 300 tf. Static load tests of piles are provided. The project involves the construction of a deep underground volume: in the central part of the building - two underground floors (lower floor elevation minus 7,800); along the outer contour of the building - one underground floor (mark minus 5,400). For the construction of structures of the underground space in the central part of the building, a pit with a depth of 8,1 m is provided; along the contour of the building - a depth of 4,3 m. Waterproofing of the premises of the underground floors from groundwater: the use of concrete with the W8 water resistance mark for the grillage and external walls, the coating waterproofing of the closed contour of the underground space, the use of waterproofing gaskets in the working seams of concreting. The construction organization project provides for fencing the excavation with a sheet pile wall made of steel profile "Larsen IV" 18,0 m long. The calculation of the fencing was carried out taking into account the load from the existing building and technological loads on the edge of the excavation. To ensure the stability of the excavation fencing, temporary steel struts are provided for the period of construction of the basement of the building. The building is located in an existing building. Three buildings fall into the risk zone of new construction: multifunctional complexes "Zanevsky cascade -1"; "Zanevsky cascade -2" and a building under construction - an extension to the "Zanevsky cascade -1". Inspection of the technical condition of building structures has been completed. The buildings are built in monolithic reinforced concrete with pile foundations. The buildings are assigned to the 2nd and 3rd categories of the technical condition of structures according to TSN 50-302-2004. An assessment of the geotechnical situation at the construction site and the impact of construction on the surrounding buildings has been completed. The design settlement of the designed building is 6,8 cm. Additional settlements of existing buildings are 0,6 cm - 0,9 cm. For the entire period of work, the project provides for monitoring the condition of neighboring buildings with control of settlements, horizontal displacements, possible opening of cracks and the magnitude of dynamic effects. Zero cycle works are accompanied by observations of horizontal displacements of the excavation fence and changes in the position of the groundwater level in the adjacent territory. The relative elevation of 0,000 corresponds to the absolute elevation of 7,62 m.