Administrative building project

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Administrative building project

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Index: 82.161.239
Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Plot area within the boundaries of the land allotment (according to the urban plan), ha: 0,1424
Building area, m2: 410,0
Total building area, m2: 1044,0
Construction volume of the building, m3: 4010,0
Floors, floor: 3
Maximum building height (from ground level to the top of the parapet), m: 12,75

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The projected administrative building is intended for administrative purposes. Within the boundaries of the site, there are non-residential one-story buildings that are subject to demolition, which are owned. The architectural and planning solution of the administrative building is aimed at providing a comfortable environment for the work of employees and the representation of the customer's company. The designed administrative building is rectangular in plan with dimensions of 24 x 15 m, three-story, without a basement. The maximum height of the administrative building from ground level to the top of the parapet is 12,75m. The main facade of the building with the main entrance faces Poselkovaya Street. The main entrance, equipped with a ramp, is intended for employees and visitors and leads to the hall, which is also an exhibition hall. On the first floor of the building are also designed: a meeting room, a security room, a director's office, a wardrobe, a room for storing used fluorescent lamps, bathrooms, an electrical panel room, a water metering unit and a heating center. On the second floor, there are office premises (for 23 employees) designed on both sides of the corridor, as well as bathrooms for employees. The third floor is similar in configuration to the second floor. On the third floor, office space (for 7 employees), a ventilation chamber, a conference room for 25 seats, a pantry, and bathrooms are designed. The building has two evacuation stairwells of L1 type at opposite ends of the building. External walls - aerated concrete 300mm thick, insulated with Rockwool mineral wool 100mm thick. Exterior decoration of the walls of the main facade of the building overlooking Poselkovaya Street - cladding with natural stone using a ventilated facade system. The remaining facades are facade plastering and painting. The interior decoration of the premises on the first floor is provided according to a separate design project. Finishing of office premises: walls - wallpaper for painting, ceiling - suspended, floors - laminate. Bathrooms: floors, walls - ceramic tiles, ceilings - suspended. Glazing - single-chamber double-glazed windows in an aluminum profile are used as stained-glass windows and windows. Entrance doors - metal-plastic, technical rooms - fireproof. The roof is flat, rolled, on rigid mineral wool slabs with an internal drain. The project documentation provides for measures for the access of disabled people in wheelchairs to the first floor of the administrative building and further to the meeting rooms on this floor.

Structural and space-planning solutions

The level of responsibility of the facility is II (normal). The construction system of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete, the structural system of the building is columnar, the structural scheme of the building is a full frame. The frame columns are designed with a section of 400x400mm, the column spacing is 4.0m and 6.0m. The internal walls of the frame are monolithic reinforced concrete stiffening diaphragms (staircase walls) 160mm thick. The frame structure material is B25, W6, F100 class concrete. External enclosing walls - non-bearing: aerated concrete 300 mm thick, grade D500, class B2.5, F25 according to GOST 31360-2007 with insulation with ROCKWOOL mineral wool boards and subsequent cladding with a hinged facade system "U-KON" type "ATS-PN-SH-VKh" (technical certificate No. 2411-09). The fastening of the outer enclosing walls to the supporting structures of the frame is carried out with stainless steel brackets. Ceilings are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete beamless 200mm thick concrete class B25. The coating is a monolithic reinforced concrete beamless 250 mm thick concrete class B25. The spatial immutability and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of the frame columns, stiffening diaphragms and floor and roof disks. Stairs are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete. The spatial calculation of the building was performed using the SCAD software package version 11.5. The maximum horizontal movement of the top of the building is 5mm, the expected settlement of the pile foundation is 2.98mm, which does not exceed the maximum allowable values. The required fire resistance of reinforced concrete load-bearing structures of residential buildings is provided by increased protective layers of concrete for the working reinforcement of structures. Foundations are designed pile. Bored piles with a diameter of 420 mm and a length of 14.0 m are designed, reinforced with frames for the entire length. The pile material is concrete B25, W6, F150. The design load on the pile is assumed to be 80 tons, which is confirmed by the data of pre-design tests. The connection of piles with grillage is rigid. The grillage is a monolithic reinforced concrete tape with a height of 500 mm made of concrete of class B25, W8, F150. The grillage is arranged according to concrete preparation with a thickness of 100 mm from concrete of class B7.5. The project provides for control testing of piles before the mass construction of the pile field. The relative mark of 0.000 corresponds to the absolute mark of +13.100. In accordance with the report on engineering and geological surveys, the basis of the pile foundation is the EGE-5 soil - gray silty sandy loam with gravel and pebbles. IGE-5 has the following characteristics: Il=-0.06; e=0.377; сn=0.24kg/cm2; n=31o; E=170kg/cm2. Two existing temporary buildings fall within the 30-meter zone of influence of the new construction. A survey of temporary buildings was completed: the warehouse building is located at a distance of 17.5 m from the edge of the excavation, it is recognized as the second category of technical condition; the workshop building is located at a distance of 18.6 m from the edge of the pit, it is recognized as the second category of technical condition. There are no damaged structures.