Working documentation for the construction of four nine-story apartment buildings

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Four 9-storey buildings

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Design, working documentation including estimates for the construction of four 9-storey panel apartment buildings.

General information.

Architectural and planning solutions for a residential building were made according to the assignment for design and APL. Task class for functional fire hazard F 1.3. The degree of responsibility of the task II. The house is equipped with passenger elevators with a carrying capacity of 630 kg, a travel speed of 1 m / s, with a sound power level of no more than 60 dBa. Approved for use by Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia. The project provides for the II level of thermal protection of enclosing structures, developed on the basis of an individual project of a 90 series residential building. Exterior panels - 5 mm thick made of expanded clay concrete D 1, three-layer with insulation made of expanded polystyrene boards of the PSB-3 type GOST 2-2, 350 mm thick. Internal wall panels - inter-apartment - 1800 mm thick, intra-apartment - 40 mm., 15588 mm. Intra-apartment partitions 90 mm thick. Floor slabs made of expanded clay concrete 150 mm thick. The elevator shaft is made according to the series 160-120. Flights of stairs are made of concrete with a density of 160 kg/m100. In the project, a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation slab was adopted as foundations, the walls of those. undergrounds from reinforced concrete socle panels of the "160" series, 1.189.1 mm thick - internal, 9 mm - external.