Parking project for 1000 spaces

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Parking for 1000 spaces

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Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Multi-storey car park (parking for 1000 cars).
Working documentation including estimates for the construction of a multi-storey car park for 100 cars
Technical and economic indicators
Land area for construction, ha: 1,0467
Building area, sq.m: 3632,00
Total area of ​​the building, sq.m: 30827,40
Construction volume of the building, cubic meters: 97281,00
Floors of the building, fl.: 9
Upper elevation (up to the parapet of the building), m: +27,000 (152,30)
Number of parking spaces, including cars: 1000

Architectural solutions

In plan, the building has a complex shape close to a rectangle. The dimensions in the axes are 110,90 x 39,50 m. The height of the first floor is 3,15 m, the height of typical (2-8 floors) is 3,00 m, the height of the 9th floor is 2,75 m. (building parapet) +27,000; - stairwell roof +30,000; -pipes for the removal of exhaust gases from a diesel generator set (DGU) + 28,4000. Entry and exit of cars to the first floor of the MGS is carried out from the side of Dubininskaya Street and is distinguished by an entrance portal and a canopy. Entry and exit to the remaining floors of the building are carried out along two open single-track ramps with a slope of 10%, located on the longitudinal sides of the building in axes 5-11/A-B and 5-11/I-K. There are two separate stair and lift units in the MGS building (in axes 2-3/D-Zh and 14-15/D-Zh). The main entrance to the building is organized from the side of Dubininskaya street through the stair-lift node in axes 2-3/D-Zh. Elevator in axes 2-3/E-Zh - panoramic. On the first floor of the building (elev. 0,000) there is a parking area on both sides of the passage. The walls of the heated premises are made of brick with mineral wool insulation and cladding of the type of the Hoesch façade with metal panels. The ceilings of the heated premises are insulated with foam glass plates with a false ceiling. In the construction of the floors of heated rooms, a heat-insulating layer is arranged - foam concrete 300 mm. On all floors, along the outer perimeter in the alignment of the columns, a fence is provided in the form of stainless steel railings 1,0 m high from the level of the finished floor. The facades of the building are partially covered with decorative perforated stainless steel sheets on a metal frame. The blind sections of the facades are made according to the type of the ventilated facade "Hoesch" with metal panel cladding. Doors of heated premises - metal insulated. In rooms with access to the parking lot - fireproof with a fire resistance rating of at least E1 30, with sealing in the porch and with door closers. Gate - lifting sectional with electric drive. Washing gates - fireproof with a gate, equipped with automatic closing drives in case of fire. Gates in diesel generator rooms are fireproof with thresholds of at least 15 cm. Window blocks and stained-glass windows of heated rooms are double-glazed windows in PVC bindings. The roof is flat rolled with an organized drain. A metal fence is provided along the perimeter of the roof. In axes 12-13 / A-B and 12-13 / I-K, fire escapes of the P2 type are arranged for access to the roof.

 Constructive decisions.

 The structural scheme is frame, with a maximum column spacing of 8,00 x 8,20 m. The spatial rigidity and stability of the structure is ensured by the joint work of frames with rigid pairing of columns and beams, floor disks and roofing. Bearing structures made of monolithic reinforced concrete class B 30 P150 grade \ U6 and reinforcement class A400, A240, A500. The foundation is slab, 700 mm thick with an increase in section (downward) up to 1500 mm in the places of vertical supports; columnar under the racks of fire escapes for concrete preparation with a thickness of 100 mm from concrete of class B7,5 on an artificial base of compacted sand of medium size K = 0,98. Waterproofing - painting the surface of foundations in contact with the ground with hot bitumen twice; in the washing room - polyurethane membrane. Thermal shrinkage seams are provided. Excavation up to 3,50 m deep in natural slopes. Columns - with a section of 0,70 x 0,70 and 0,50 x 0,50 m. Ceilings - beams, 0,20 m thick; with main beams with a section of 0,60 x 0,80 m, secondary sections of 0,50 x 0,50 m. Covering - beam, 0,20 m thick; with the main beams with a section of 0,40 x 0,50 m, secondary sections of 0,25 x 0,40 m. The walls of the stair-lift blocks are 0,30 m thick. stringers from rolled channels; racks, beams, purlins, braces and cross braces (within each floor) from bent-welded square pipes. Sheds over the external stairs - steel, from bent-welded pipes with a ga ^ atnrur section. The stairs are monolithic reinforced concrete. The external walls of the heated premises are brick 250 mm thick, with an external insulated ventilated facade lined with metal panels. Ramp columns ~ with a section of 0,5 x 0,5 m. Ramp ceilings - a slab 0,20 m thick along beams with a section of 0,5 x 0,5 m. Canopy over the entrance to the 1st floor of the MGS - steel trusses with a span of 8,50 m with a step of 1,50 m from square pipes, trusses are supported on steel square beams. The spatial rigidity and stability of the trusses is provided by ties and girders along the upper chords of the trusses and ties along the lower chords. Coverings of the canopy - profiled sheet along the runs with a step of 0,25 -1,50 m. Elevations (relative = absolute): floors of the 1st floor 0,000 = 125,30 bottom of the foundations -0,700 = 124,60 groundwater level 122,40. The surrounding buildings are located at a distance of at least 20,00 m.