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Multi-storey garage (parking)

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Index: 42.116.263
Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
Sections: All sections
Data volume: 370 MB
File Format: *.dwg, some sections - *.pdf
Expert opinion: a positive
Technical and economic indicators:
Plot area, ha: 0,2779
Building area, m2: 1690,0
Total building area, m2: 12345,0
Construction volume, m3: 42800,0
Number, parking spaces: 300

Architectural and space-planning solutions:

The project documentation developed a multi-storey garage for 300 cars (parking for 300 cars) - a heated parking lot with ramps for 300 cars. The building is a 7-storey rectangle with a round (at the end of the building) volume of ramps with a slope of 10%, along which the distribution of cars by floors is provided. Roof exit room with engineering equipment rooms (ventilation chambers, fire extinguishing pump room and exit to the roof for mechanized roof cleaning). The roof of the parking lot is flat with internal gutters. The dimensions of the rectangular volume in the axes are 71,75 x 18,0 with a column spacing of (5,5 + 7,0 + 5,5) x 7,7m, with the height of the floors: first floor - 4,5m; the rest - 3,3 m. The diameter of the double-track round ramp is 22,0 m. The height of the parking building for 300 places from the planning mark of the adjacent territory to the parapet is 25,650. the elevation of the roof above the technical premises is 27,600 (27,750 m from the planning elevation of the adjacent territory). The height of the cylindrical part of the building from the planning mark of the adjacent territory to the parapet is 28,650. The mark of the top of the lantern above the central part is 30,600 (30,750 m from the planning mark of the adjacent territory). The height marks and dimensions of the parking building are taken within the limits of the requirements of the urban planning plan and from the condition of ensuring the normative insolation of nearby buildings. The main facade of the parking building for 300 places is oriented to the boulevard. The entrance to the garage building for 300 cars is provided from the side of the existing power line 2x330 sq. At the entrance there is a wheel washing point and a self-service car wash. Clients enter from the boulevard. The building is equipped with elevators for lifting clients to the upper floors of the building, as well as three stairwells. Under the ramp at elev. ± 0.000 there are rooms for engineering equipment (electric panel room, fire extinguishing pump room, ventilation chamber, ITP) and a security room with a rest room. The floors in the parking lot are sanded and impregnated with Aquatone. In the technical rooms and bathrooms - ceramic tiles. The frame of the building is made in a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The outer walls of the building are made of sandwich panels 120 mm thick. Windows - double-glazed windows. Bay window from the side of Leninsky Prospekt in aluminum binding with double-glazed windows. On the ground floor, there are parking spaces for cars with disabilities, and at axis 8 between axes B and G, toilets for the disabled are provided. There are ramps at the exits of the building.

Structural and space-planning solutions:

The level of responsibility of the building is normal. The building is divided by an expansion joint into two blocks. Designed according to the mixed constructive scheme. The material of the supporting structures is monolithic reinforced concrete, concrete class B25, class A500 reinforcement. The frame columns are designed according to a grid of 7,7x7,0 (5,5) m. Columns - with a section of 400x400 mm. The internal load-bearing walls of the building are monolithic reinforced concrete with a thickness of 160, 180 mm. External walls - non-bearing, three-layer sandwich panels. Fastening to load-bearing structures with self-tapping screws. Ceilings and roofing - monolithic reinforced concrete beamless 180mm thick. The ramp is designed according to the beam structural scheme. The thickness of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab is 160 mm, beams with a section of 400x450 (h) mm. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of transverse and longitudinal load-bearing walls, rigid fastening of columns on supports and hard disks of floors and roofs. The design of the stairs - prefabricated reinforced concrete marches. Elevator shafts - from pipes according to GOST 30245-2003. The calculation of load-bearing structures and the foundation was carried out using the SCAD 11.3 software package, taking into account the joint work of the building with the foundation. The required fire resistance of reinforced concrete load-bearing structures is confirmed by calculations. The foundations are accepted - pile. Bored piles with a diameter of 350 mm according to Atlas technology, 13 m long. Concrete B25, W8, F100. The design load on the pile was taken on the basis of the results of static sounding 110 tf. Grills - tape and columnar piles made of monolithic reinforced concrete, concrete B25, W6, F100. Pairing of piles and grillage is rigid. A 100 mm thick concrete preparation is provided under the foundation. The relative mark of 0,00 corresponds to the absolute mark of 3,050. In accordance with the report on engineering and geological surveys, the base of the foundation is the IGE-6a soil, Cambrian silty hard clays with φ=17°, e=0,551, E=200 kg/cm2. The allowable design load was adopted based on the results of static sounding. The allowable design load on the pile will be checked by static tests of piles prior to mass production of piles. The maximum level of groundwater is at a depth of 0,6 m. Groundwater is slightly aggressive towards normal W4 concrete. In order to protect the concrete of underground structures, the concrete grade for water resistance is W6, the concrete surface is protected by coating waterproofing. The expected settlement of the building is 4,3 cm. The zone of influence of the construction on the surrounding buildings is determined by the calculation of 15 m. There are no buildings in the zone of influence. At a distance of 26 m is a residential area. The building was inspected and assigned to the II category of technical condition. The project provides for monitoring the condition of surrounding buildings, in a 30-meter zone. The service life of load-bearing structures is 75 years. The service life of the outer wall structures is 50 years.