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Operating procedure

When buying a finished project, we advise you to proceed according to the following scheme:

1. Choose one or more projects you like.
2. Discuss with our specialist in detail all aspects of the purchase, ask all your questions about the project itself.
3. Confirm the project with your customer, designer or partner.
4. Place an order for the approved project (-s), for this you need to click the "ADD TO CART" button on the project page. Then fill in all the fields (name, email, notes).
4. Pay for the project using the details specified on the page "Payment Methods".
5. After payment, send a photo of the payment receipt to info@proekt.sx
6. After your money is credited to our account, we will send a link to download the project to your mail on the same day.
For all questions, please contact the following contacts:
Mail: info@proekt.sx

With proposals for cooperation, please contact us at: info@proekt.sx


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