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E-commerce design and estimate documentation

The service is the first service for the sale of ready-made design solutions in electronic form. We operate in over 10 countries. During our work, we have successfully completed more than 8000 orders. We always keep up with the times, since 2022 we have been offering our customers ready-made information models of buildings and structures (BIM) made using the Revit PC. We can issue an invoice, conclude an agreement. Prior to the purchase of the project, we advise the client on the composition, TEP, specifications of the purchased project. 


  • Ready projects for the construction of buildings and structures in electronic form (*.dwg, *.doc, *.pdf) with positive expert opinions.
  • Projects of reconstruction (overhaul) of buildings and structures in electronic form.
  • Projects of major repairs (reconstruction) of typical Soviet facilities.
  • BIM-models (digital information models) of buildings and structures made in PC Revit.
  • Projects for the overhaul of apartment buildings.
  • Ready-made budget sections with positive expert opinions.
  • Working, design documentation for boilers of various manufacturers, passports, cap. repair / maintenance refurbishment of boilers.

We have:

  • Base of design estimates (new construction) - 78 TB of data (more than a quarter of a million projects).
  • Base of projects of capital repairs of apartment houses.


  • Select the desired project of the building / structure according to the initial data (TOR, new construction).
  • Identify a typical project and select a project cap. repair of an analogue object (standard design of the USSR).

We carry out work:

  • Translation of design estimates from *.pdf/*.jpg/*.tif formats into *.dwg format (vectorization).
  • Refinement of previously purchased projects, localization of the purchased project at the construction site.
  • Visualization of design solutions, creation of presentations, videos. 

We don't do:

  • Preparation of commercial proposals for public procurement.
  • Integration of manufacturers' equipment into design estimates.


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