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Dear users, our clients and partners! On this page we have collected the most frequently asked questions that you ask in the course of our cooperation. We have tried to briefly answer them. Please use our form if you have any further questions. "Contacts".

Why is it worth buying a ready-made project?

Buying a ready-made project (a set of sections), or a standard project, a re-use project, will allow you to save time and budget for design, which is important when participating in tenders, designing in an increasingly competitive environment. We do not claim that your work ends immediately after the purchase of the project. Often, after the purchase of the project, the client will have to localize the previously purchased project on the site of the future construction. At the same time, the main part of the sections of the project remains unchanged, or changes slightly. In any case, having a finished project, qualitatively executed in accordance with the requirements and standards, you will win the competition and save money. Buy projects from us! Our online store provides Warranties и Service, which you don't get by buying expensive official solutions, reusable projects, or borrowing designs from your peers.

In what form will I receive the files after payment?

After paying for the project, you will receive a link to the archive with project data. The archive will initially contain from 1 to 5 folders, including the following data sets:

1. Electronic version of the project.

2. Electronic version of the project after passing the state (non-state) examination.*

3. Expert opinion on the project.

4. Other files related to the project.**

5. Estimates for the project. ***

* If the project offered for sale has passed the examination and has a positive opinion of certified experts, you are provided with both versions of the same project - the first, originally prepared by design specialists, and the last, corrected according to the comments of experts. 

** Among other files related to the project, there are documents: comments of experts, responses to comments of experts, licenses and permits, lists of changes in the PD after the examination.

*** In the event that the assignment for the development of design and / or working documentation provides for their availability. For example, a car wash project, after payment, will be available to the buyer in the following form:

archive folders  


What do the project attributes to the right of the main photo mean?

  • Index is a unique project number that allows you to identify it in our database of more than 3000 projects
  • The composition of the project - in accordance with the design assignment, project documentation (stage "P"), or design + working documentation (stage "RD") can be submitted. Also, an estimate calculation (Estimate) may be attached to the project.
  • Forums - list of sections of design and estimate documentation. If the attribute has the value "all sections", it means that all well-executed sections are attached to the project.
  • Data volume - volume of a set of files offered for sale. In this case, the volume is specified before the files are archived. You, as a buyer, receive a *.rar archive with files. The archive has a smaller volume due to compression.
  • File format - what file formats are encountered in the project. "Editable formats" - the project consists of 100% editable formats (*.dwg, *.doc).
  • Expert opinion - this attribute is present if the project has a positive expert opinion.


What are the terms for receiving finished projects?

The deadlines for sending projects are minimal. It is made on the day you pay for the selected object. Often this is a few minutes after the payment has been credited to our account. We can transfer files to you in any way convenient for you - using the Google Drive file sharing service, or Our / Your FTP server. The set of folders and files of a specific object, design documentation in electronic form is quite large, so you cannot send files to you by mail. Amendments to the project (localization, binding to the construction site, alteration of facade solutions), according to your list of requirements and technical specifications, are negotiated individually, after the purchase of the project. Most often, our specialists perform changes in the documentation within 10 calendar days, sometimes longer. It all depends on the complexity of the localization of the project, the characteristics of the spot of future development and the amount of proposed changes.

Can't find the project I need?

Our company has a large database of various design and estimate documentation, so the site does not contain all the materials we have. We are waiting for your request to our mail, we will select the documentation for you on a given topic.

Do you finalize projects?

The answer is yes. We are finalizing projects, but you may have to wait. Terms of completion can last a significant amount of time; they, like the price, are individual. To order a revision, our service needs to send a letter, which should indicate the list of requirements, as well as the article of the project purchased earlier, or the project planned for purchase, to our mail: - and during the day wait for our answer.

Can the project be purchased?

Sometimes buyers put forward the requirement that the project they have chosen should not be distributed anywhere else, that is, be unique. This requirement determines the desire of the buyer to remove this project from sale. We can guarantee non-distribution of this object on the Internet in case of agreement and separate payment. The price of an object depends on the novelty, popularity, quality and composition of the data. For such buyers, there is a "Notes and Special Questions" section, as well as our mail Let us know about the decision, and after the payment of the purchase, we guarantee to stop the sale.

Is it possible to get the project first and then pay for it?

Many of our first-time clients ask this very question. Unfortunately, we will be able to send you the project only after 100% prepayment. Until the moment of payment, in order not to doubt and make the right decision, we ask you to ask as many questions as possible about the project. Contact one of our administrators in any way convenient for you, and get the files of the explanatory note, GP, other project documentation (part) to be sure that you are buying what you need! In the past, we often encountered non-payment for sent projects under any pretext of unscrupulous customers. On the contrary, if you, after studying and consulting, buy a project from us, and come to a reasonable, reasoned decision to refuse the purchase, we guarantee you a refund of 100% of the project cost.


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